A Decision About Politics

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NOTE: Because I will place instructional comments on your graded daily writing assignments, it would be wise to read those comments on Daily Writing 1.1 and Daily Writing 1.2 before submitting this formal essay assignment. I will try to respond to all assignments within 72 hours of the due date (excluding weekends and holidays). The grade on Formal Essay 1 counts as 10% of your course grade (a potential letter grade). After reviewing the instructor’s comments (in green) on your Week 1 graded and returned Daily Writing assignments, compose a narrative essay (500-word minimum, 600-word maximum) based on one of the topics listed below. The essay must be written from your own first-person point of view. For a formatting example, refer to the model essay found in the “Handouts and Course Documents” section of Blackboard under “Model Essay” for an example and proper formatting. Identify this assignment as “Formal Essay 1.” Formal Essay Topic 1: A time when you made a decision about politics. NOTE: This topic can be societal as well as political. It is not my intention to require students to write about politics. Formal Essay Topic 2: A time when you (or a close friend) were encouraged to proceed with an action that would have a positive effect on your (or your friend’s) life. CAUTION: This essay may not include a purchase, a medical procedure, a religious experience, or education. Choose one topic.
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A Decision About Politics
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