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take a stand (or position) on Abortion.  You must use scientific, psychological research to support your position “A position paper defends a specific thesis on a controversial and important topic in such a way as to convince an information, rational, intelligent, but highly dubious reading that the position is the correct one” (Cardwell, C. E. 2012. “The Position Paper”, NISOD Innovation Abstracts: 34(9)).     Your paper must contain the following numbered sections in this specific format: Section I – contains a single declarative sentence, clearly stating the position (thesis). It should be precise and succinct. Section II – contains a defense of the thesis, using solid reasoning with clear concepts, verifiable facts, and generally accepted principles. (Each distinct argument should have its own distinct paragraph.) Section III – present the case for the opposite view and raise possible objections to the points raised in Section II. Section IV – respond directly to the points raised in Section III. Section V –  Summarize, evaluate, and reaffirm the position stated in Section I. Reference Section – must be in APA format. Paper should be 3-5 pages in length and include 3 journal articles (from the research database or magazine database):  2 articles that support your position & 1 journal article that opposes your position.
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