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5 pages Double Spaced single margined MLA Format GRADING EVALUATION FOR RESEARCH PAPER You should have a minimum of 5 references. (5 pages typed -12 font; double-spaced and with standard margins). The break down of grading is in three parts. Content is of 15 : A well written introduction 1. Brief overview of topic/issue. 2. Inclusion of a stat, case, study finding, or headline, etc. to illustrate issue, contextualize subsequent analysis and draw reader in to topic. 3. Clear thesis statement (somewhere in intro). 4. Provide the organizational structure of analysis (usually at end of intro) Body of Analysis 1. Analysis follows in a logical manner 2. good use of information/data to support ideas and support thesis statement. 3. selective use of quotes (paraphrase when possible) 4. Direct quotes should be used sparingly. 5. proper format for quotes (Quotes of 20 words or more should be dropped down and indented) Grammar and Punctuation out of 2.5 – self explanatory – run on sentences, incomplete, awkward sentences and punctuation problems. Resources – in-text citations and resources is of our of 2.5 Whether they paraphrase or directly quote, you must formally cite your sources. APA / MLA Reference/work cited page is properly formatted. And properly formatted Work Cited/Reference Page – Resources should be in alphabetical order and proper technical formatting of resources (appropriate hanging indent) All you need to do is in the comment box is provide the grade they received for each component being evaluated Only provide feedback for areas that require work. Content Grammar Resources /15 /2.5 /2.5 Attached is my outline for which you can get an idea of what the essay should be about Topic: Death Penalty. Against it Thesis: Though the death penalty was created in order to create an extreme punishment of the judiciary system, it has done the opposite by increasing the amount of costs affiliated, unfulfilling its promises of deterring murder, and has shown how barbaric of a punishment it is in this civilized society. Intro Paragraph: – Discuss general idea of the death penalty – How it came to be – The 5 W’s – Mention the initial pros and now its cons. 1st Body Paragraph: (Cost) – It is expensive – Takes way more time and effort – Extremely long process – Multiple judicial meetings (court) – Trial and execution costs as well – Can cost up to millions 2nd Body Paragraph: (It does not really deter murder) – Life imprisonment results in deterring murder as well. – It does not take account into a murderer’s actions o One murder could result in the death penalty or even 12 – There is no proper check on who the death penalty should apply towards 3rd Body Paragraph: (It is a barbaric punishment) – It is a barbaric punishment – Against all main human rights (essentially it takes them away) – Against civil principles. You cannot do exactly the same to a criminal as what crime he commits – The death penalty can be discriminatory and can target specific people such as people of race or mentally challenged individuals Conclusion: – Review all major facts and arguments from the body paragraphs. – Provide a proper rebuttal using information from the introduction – Use the thesis statement to emphasize the argument Minimum 5 references
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