agnostic to user interface technology

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Create a high-level wireframe of an application that allows College Administrators to adjust the future fees paid by students based on their grades from the last semester within a range of 20% where the students that do best in average pay from 0-20% less and those who do worse pay 0- 20% more. The goal is to encourage students to do better.
The wireframe will be for a large screen (laptop/desktop) but agnostic to user interface technology: could be web, windows, etc. Focus on the tasks and flow. Limit yourself to boxes and text. Do not spend time on look and feel. I want to see the layout and the concept.
When designing the wireframe think about who the user is and what are the lists of tasks the user needs to perform.
I expect to see few pages to highlight the navigation and the different options. Deliverables:
Concept description
Description of logic behind the calculations
Navigation diagram
Different screens explaining how each user type will access the different functions. Do not include register/login screens. Do include all the steps the user needs to go through. I expect at least 6 screens.
A paper prototype highlighting the concept and the steps the user needs to perform.
Create the wireframe using Figma.

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