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BUSN6009Assessment 1Task overview
Assessment name:
Task description:
You will complete a number of critical reflection activities based on thelearning content in Week 1, 2, 3 and compile them in your Portfoliodocument.
Learning outcomesmeasured:
LO 1: Demonstrate and apply integrated theoretical and practicalknowledge (e.g., IS thinking approaches, multidisciplinary frameworks),which incorporate business development, competitive advantage,strategy and decision-making and digital innovation.LO 2: Apply diverse technology-related knowledge and skills to diversebusiness disciplines to critically reflect on, evaluate and contribute toinnovate business developments that enhance sustainable businesstransformations in local, national, global and digital businessenvironments.LO3: Provide evidence of effective analysis, interpretation, evaluationand synthesis of complex business scenarios (e.g., situations, trends)across multiple contexts and demonstrate how research and inquiry canbe used to interpret, contribute to and create practical business & ITrelated ideas and knowledge. analytical and critical thinking skills tounderstand the way people experience social technologies, includinghow people construct personal and professional online identities
Due date:
Sunday, 30 Jan, 2022, 11:59 pm (end of Week 3)
40 %
How will I be assessed:
7-point grading scale using a rubric
Task details
What you need to do:
1. Read the Criterion-Referenced Assessment Rubric at the end of thisdocument to understand how you will be marked.2. Read the description, requirements, sections on writing style, citingsources, and submission details.3. Read the activities in your Weekly Notebooks.
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Submission requirements:
Assessment 1 must be completed as a Portfolio document and saved inPDF file format for submission in Turnitin
Resources needed tocomplete task:
• SCU Blackboard• SCU Cite/Write APA guide
Submission InformationOne only “Portfolio” document saved in PDF file format andcontaining the below mentioned content:Weekly activities based on each week’s topic. This can be found in eachweek’s Notebook. Compile all the content in one document and save itas a PDF file. Then, submit via Turnitin through SCU Blackboard.Teaching staff that assess your work may meet to discuss and comparetheir judgements before marks or grades are finalized.Academic IntegrityAs a student of the SCU academic community, you are asked to work to uphold the principles of academicintegrity during your course of study. SCU sets expectations and responsibilities of students, more specificallyit states that students “academic integrity is behaving in accordance with the values of honesty, fairness,trustworthiness, courage, responsibility and respect in relation to academic work.” Ensure that you havecompleted the ‘Academic Integrity’ (AI) module so that you understand “what you need to do to practiceacademic integrity in your studies.” A certificate of successful completion of the AI module may be required foryour submission to be assessed.At SCU, students are expected to demonstrate their own understanding and thinking using the ideas providedby ‘others’ to support and inform their work, always making due acknowledgement to the source. While peerlearning is encouraged, it is not appropriate to share assignments with other students unless your assessmentpiece has been stated as being a group assignment. If you do share your assignment with another student/s,and they copy part of or all of your assignment for their submission, this is considered collusion and you mayalso be reported for academic misconduct.DescriptionAssignment 1 addresses the learning outcomes in this unit (mentioned above) in various differentways. It is designed to get you to critically explore the topics delivered in Weeks 1, 2 & 3 by writingabout them and forming your own ideas and opinions. The assignment is built on the idea of self –
What you need to submit:
How to submit:
BUSN6009 – Assessment 1 Page 3 of 8directed learning through a combination of learning resources such as for example book chapters,research papers, video’s, etc.In addition to the resources recommended in each week’s topics, you are required to undertake yourown research and source information and content relating to the week’s topic through otherresources.Your engagement with the learning activities is critical to your success in the unit, not just because it isyour assessment but also because it is one of the major vehicles for learning. Your task is tounderstand and analyze a range of topical issues around each week’s topic mentioned in the weeklyNotebooks.You are expected to undertake a number of critical reflection activities and contribute on a consistentbasis. Your consistency and quality of work produced will contribute towards your mark.RequirementsAssignment 1 (Weighting 40%) should contain your responses to the weekly activities set out in yourWeekly Notebook. These are mentioned below. You must read, listen, investigate and analyze theissues related to the topic. These tasks require you to articulate your thoughts, opinions and insights inthe ‘Portfolio’ Document.You must ensure that your contribution is both relevant and offers critical insights. Think of yourPortfolio as a journal or log book parallel to the field book or laboratory notes of the scientist i.e., younot only record what has happened or what you have observed but also your tentative hypothesis orthe development of new understanding or new phenomena.Further, also think of your weekly posts, as an opportunity to showcase your capability, position andthinking on a range of issues related to information technology and, specifically to informationsystems.Writing styleA portfolio is similar to writing a formal written assignment, as it is about sharing both, new andexisting knowledge. A good portfolio stimulates interest and provides strong evidence of your interestand work related to this unit. Please keep things “relatively formal” as the metaphor for thisassessment is that you are working towards being an expert by sharing your well researchedsynthesized findings.Each topic in your portfolio must incorporate at least one image. Look at some example sites online(e.g. TechCrunch, The Conversation) and note how each post has a consistent look and feel andincorporates at least one image.Citing SourcesCiting your sources is critical as it demonstrates the research that you have undertaken and providescredit and acknowledgement to others. You should also quote any words or ideas used by otherauthors. Citing also allows your reader to track down the sources you use . It also demonstrates thecredibility of what you are saying.As your Portfolio is in a digital format (PDF), where possible all citing of sources should be done ashyperlinked text within the main body of . Optionally, you may also include a list of referencesBUSN6009 – Assessment 1 Page 4 of 8at the end of (again as meaningful hyperlinks – do not use the full URL index itself). In caseswhere you cite a reference not available online then you should use APA and definitely provide areference list at the bottom of . Additional advice on citing can be found here.Submission detailsSubmit one only ‘Portfolio’ document containing your Week 1, 2, 3 activities outlined in each week’sNotebook. Refer the document structure mentioned below. Save your document in PDF file formatand submit on or before the due date via Turnitin on Blackboard.Context: The Business CaseYour Portfolio should be directly related and relevant to the business case, which is the Fossil Group.Fossil Group, Inc. is a global design, marketing, distribution and innovation company that createsdistinctive watches, wearables and accessories with some of the greatest brands in the world. Thegroup has some 30,000 points of distribution across 150 countries, including 450 company-ownedretail locations (Source: https://www.fossilgroup.com/).StructureFollow the below structure to build your Portfolio document.
Portfolio Contents
Word Count Guide(approximate)
Cover Page showing title Assessment 1, Student full name & ID, SCU email
Executive Summary stating what this Portfolio contains and why
Table of Contents
1. Fossil Group – IS for Competitive Advantage, Strategy & innovation
1.1. IT portfolio of the group
1.2. Capabilities of platforms/technologies
1.3. Limitations of platforms/technologies
1.4. Competitive advantage in the ‘Wearables’ industry based on theIT portfolio.
1.5. Organizational changes required to innovate its wearable line ofproducts
2. Fossil Group – Business Processes and Models for Digitization
2.1. BPM initiative (online sales process) for wearable products
2.2. BPMN – model online ordering process for a smart wearable.Describe some situational considerations. Provide information artifactseither for producing an activity or produced after an activity in relationto the above modeling.
200 + diagrams(maximum 3)
2.3. Value chain, business processes & process architecture relating tocustomer services handled by the Fossil Co. staff. Describe the process
300 + diagrams(maximum 3)
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automation in a web application. Explain how IS can provide quality ofthe above-mentioned processes.
3. Corporate Systems
3.1. Products and clientele of the Fossil Group. IS used by thecompany including functions and features. Customer support throughCRM. How an ERP system can support the company’s vendors andother functional areas.
3.2. Brands served by the Fossil Group. Information shared betweenthe Fossil and other brands illustrated through a PR.I.D.E. system.Tables showing profiles of Brands, Products and Wearable indicators.
300 + diagrams(maximum 2) +Tables (maximum 3)
3.3. Challenges faced by the Fossil Group in developing IS in a highlycompetitive digital environment. Design an organization-wide plan tomanage and develop IS.
4. References
5. Appendices
Note: Words in Tables and Diagrams
BUSN6009 – Assessment 1 Page 6 of 8BUSN6009 | Assessment 1 Rubric
High Distinction
Analysis andcriticaldiscussion• The ability to:• Apply andintegrate criticalanalysis;• Investigatemultipleperspectives,contradictionsorinconsistencies• Present a validargument• Form, presentand supportown opinionsand originalideas• StimulatediscussionWeighting: 70%All postsEntry shows strong awareness ofkey issues discussed in weeklylearning materials.Presents a strong, coherent andvalid argument (whereappropriate).Strong evidence of independentinvestigation, questioning andanalysis.Ability to effectively synthesizeinformation from a variety ofsources. Independently takes andunderstands multiple perspectivesand through these can provide aninsightful and/or exhaustive criticaldiscussion of the issues at hand.Incorporates own opinion andoriginal ideas into discussion, withstrong foundation in theory andexamples.All postsEntry shows a good awareness ofkey issues discussed in weeklylearning materials.Presents a coherent and validargument (where appropriate).Evidence of independentinvestigation, questioning andanalysis.Ability to synthesize information froma variety of sources.Independently takes andunderstands multiple perspectivesand through these can provide aninsightful critical discussion of theissues at hand.Incorporates own opinion or originalideas into discussion, withfoundation in theory and examples.All postsEntry shows awareness of keyissues discussed in weeklylearning materials. However,emphasis may bedisproportionate.Presents an argument (whereappropriate).Some evidence of independentinvestigation, questioning andanalysis.Attempts to synthesizeinformation from a variety ofsources.Takes and understandsmultiple perspectives andthrough these can provide acritical discussion of the issuesat hand.Incorporates own opinion ororiginal ideas into discussion,with reference to theory orexamples.All postsEntry shows awareness ofsome of the key issuesdiscussed in weekly learningmaterials, however emphasis isdisproportionate.Presents an argument,however, emphasis isdisproportionate and/orargument is not well developed(where appropriate).Little evidence of independentinvestigation, questioning andanalysis.Some attempt to synthesizeinformation from a variety ofsources.Attempts to take andunderstand multipleperspectives.Some attempt to incorporateown opinion or original ideasinto discussion, howeveropinion may not be groundedin theory or examples.All postsEntry shows little or no awarenessof key issues discussed in weeklylearning materials.Argument is not provided, or isdisproportionate or irrelevant(where appropriate).No evidence of independentinvestigation, questioning andanalysis.No attempt to synthesizeinformation from a variety ofsources.No attempt to take and understandmultiple perspectives.No attempt to incorporate ownopinion or original ideas intodiscussion, or opinion is notgrounded in theory or examples.BUSN6009 – Assessment 1 Page 7 of 8
Media mechanicsandcommunicationThe ability to:Make effective use ofmedia elements (e.g.,images).Apply the conventions ofthe medium.Accurate referencingand citation in correctformat.Use appropriatelanguage for theaudience and context.Use appropriate styleand tone of writing.Use correct grammar,spelling and punctuation.Use appropriate article,paragraph, sentencestructure.Weighting: 30%
All postsPost is extremely well structuredand flows logically and convincinglyto conclusions.Entry makes significant use of theaffordances of media elements,which may include highlyappropriate contextual linking, useof highly relevant images toenhance or conveymeaning, very effectiveincorporation of other media.Sources (including for images andother media) are always attributedcorrectly and appropriately for themedium (no reference lists!).Tagging and categorizing of post isexcellent and effectively describesthe content of .Length or duration of entry highlyappropriate to contextLanguage used is highly appropriateto the audience and context.Fluent, professional style and tone.May be informal, but still appropriatein a professional context.Sentences skillfully constructed:unified, coherent, forceful, variedand well-structured. Excellent use ofstandard grammar, spelling andpunctuation.No proofreading errors.
All postsPost is well structured and flowslogically and convincingly toconclusions.Entry makes effective use of theaffordances of media elements, whichmay include appropriate contextuallinking, use of relevant images toenhance or convey meaning,effective incorporation of other media.Sources (including for images andother media) are always attributedcorrectly and appropriately for themedium (no reference lists!), with oneor two errors or areas forimprovement.Tagging and categorizing of post is ofa high quality and effectivelydescribes the content of , withminor room for improvement.Length or duration of entryappropriate to context.Language used is appropriate to theaudience and context.Professional style and tone. May beinformal, but still appropriate in aprofessional context.Language is fluent, confident, wellstructured and engaging. High level ofaccuracy in spelling and grammar. 1-3proofreading errors.
All postsPost is generally well structuredand flows logically toconclusions.Entry makes some use of theaffordances of media elements,which may include contextuallinking, use of images toenhance or conveymeaning, incorporation of othermedia.Sources (including for imagesand other media) are generallyattributed correctly andappropriately for the medium (noreference lists!), with two orthree errors or areas forimprovement.Tagging and categorizing of postis generally well executed andeffectively describes some of thecontent of , with room forimprovement.Length or duration of entryappropriate to context.Language used is, for the mostpart, appropriate to the audienceand context.Professional style and tone.Language mainly fluent withgood overall structure.Grammar and spellingaccurate.4-6 proofreadingerrors.
All postsAn attempt is made to providean effective structure to .However, this may not beentirely successful.Some attempt to make us of theaffordances of media elements.However, not all attempts aresuccessful or appropriate.Sources (including for imagesand other media) are attributed,however, there may be someissues with accuracy ofattributions.Post has been tagged andcategorized, however, theremay be obvious omissions orinappropriate tags or categoriesmay be included.Length or duration of entryappropriate to context.Written postsLanguage used is not alwaysappropriate for the context andaudience.Style and tone is professionalwith some structure.Meaning apparent, but languagenot always fluent.Grammar and spelling mainlyaccurate.7-10 proofreading errors.
All postsLittle or no attempt to provide aneffective structure to .Entry makes little or no use of theaffordances of media elementsand/or inclusions may lackrelevance.Where applicable, visual aids arenot used where needed and/orsignificantly detract from the oralpresentation.Sources (including for images andother media) are not attributed, orattribution is consistently incorrect.Post has not been tagged orcategorized, or tags and categoriesare largely inappropriate and/orinsufficient.Length or duration of entry notappropriate to context.Written postsLanguage is not appropriate for thecontext and audience.Style and tone of writing is notappropriate.Disorganized or incoherent writing.Meaning unclear as grammarand/or spelling contain frequenterrors.More than 10 proofreading errors.
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