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MIS609_Assessment 1_Brief_Case Study Report_Module 2.2 Page 1 of 3Task SummaryFor this assignment, you are required to write a 1500-word report proposing data managementsolutions for the organisation presented in the case scenario.ContextModule 1 and 2 explored the fundamentals of data management. This assignment gives you theopportunity to make use of these concepts and propose a data management solution (a preproposal) for the organisation presented in the case scenario. This assessment is largely inspiredfrom Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model by CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).Task Instructions1. Please read the attached case scenario.2. Write a 1500-word data management pre-proposal for the organisation.3. The pre-proposal should not only discuss the technical but also the managerial aspects (cost,manpower, resources, etc.). Please keep in mind that you are writing a pre-proposal and nota detailed proposal.4. Please ensure that you remain objective when writing the pre-proposal.5. Your pre-proposal should ideally answer (but not be limited to) the following questions:a) What would the data management strategy be?b) How would data communication be done?
Subject Code and Title
MIS609 Data Management and Analytics
Case Study Report: Data Management
1500 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successfulcompletion of the task below include:a) Demonstrate an understanding of the broad concepts ofdata management.b) Demonstrate how to manage data within organisations,teams and projects. Investigate techniques on how tocollect, store, clean and manipulate data.c) Explore data management techniques and apply when andwhere applicable.e) Effectively report and communicate findings to a businessaudience who are not necessarily IT professionals.
Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 2.2.
Total Marks
MIS609_Assessment 1_Brief_Case Study Report_Module 2.2 Page 2 of 3c) Which kind of data would be managed by your organization and how?d) How many staff members at your organization would manage data of this school; whatwould be the team hierarchy and what would their expertise be?e) What resources would be required from the school?f) What deliverables (hard and soft) would be provided to the school?g) What would general data management operations look like?h) How would data management policy be set and how would it be implemented?i) How would metadata be managed?j) How would data quality be managed?k) How would data management practices be audited and how would quality be assessed?l) How will user and business requirements be collected from the clients?m) Which data architectures and platforms would be used?n) How would legacy data be taken care of?o) How would risks be managed?p) What benefits would the school have as a result of outsourcing this service to yourorganisation?q) What are the potential disadvantages that the school can face?r) Others….6. The questions mentioned above are written randomly, in no particular sequence. Whenaddressing these questions in your pre-proposal, please ensure that you write in asystematic way. Make use of the web to find out what pre-proposals look like.7. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria forgrading your assignment. This will give you a clear picture of what a successful pre-proposallooks like.ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see moreinformation on referencing here: http://library.laureate.net.au/research_skills/referencingSubmission InstructionsSubmit Assessment 1 via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MIS609 DataManagement and Analytics. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre inthe LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Academic Integrity DeclarationI declare that except where I have referenced, the work I am submitting for this assessment task ismy own work. I have read and am aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policyand Procedure viewable online at http://www.torrens.edu.au/policies-and-formsI am aware that I need to keep a copy of all submitted material and their drafts, and I will do soaccordingly.MIS609_Assessment 1_Brief_Case Study Report_Module 2.2 Page 3 of 3Assessment Rubric
Assessment Attributes
Fail(Yet to achieve minimumstandard)0-49%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
EffectivecommunicationClear and logicalstructure.Flow of information.Use of client-friendlylanguage.15%
Lack of logical and clearstructure. Poor flow ofinformation witharguments that lacksupporting evidence. Noeffort is made to useclient friendly language.
Information, arguments andevidence are presented in away that is not always clearand logical. Limited use ofclient friendly language.
Information and evidenceare adequately presented,with a mostly clear flow ofideas and arguments.Reasonable use of clientfriendly language.
Information and evidenceare well presented, withclear and logical flow ofideas and arguments.Effective use of clientfriendly language.
Information and evidenceexpertly presented, with aclear and logical flow ofideas, arguments andevidence. Effective use ofclient friendly language.
Analysis and synthesisAwareness of thecontext. Effectiveanalysis of the situationand synthesis.35%
Demonstrates little or noawareness of the contextand understanding of thesituation. Limited use ofrelevant concepts. Thesolution does not addressthe problem.
Demonstrates limitedawareness of the context andanalysis of the situation.Limited use of relevantconcepts. The solution doesnot accurately address theproblem.
Demonstrates a reasonableawareness of the contextand analysis of thesituation. Appropriate useof concepts. The solutionprovided targets theproblem partially.
Demonstrates a goodawareness of the contextand analysis of thesituation. Accurate use ofrelevant concepts toprovide a solution toaddress the problem.
Demonstrates a thoroughawareness of the contextand analysis of thesituation. Effective use ofall the relevant concepts toprovide a solution to theproblem.
Quality of the proposedsolution, level of detailand objectivity50%
The proposed solutiondoes not meet theminimum acceptablequality standard. Thesolution is very broad andvague.
The proposed solution is ofadequate quality, but it is notdetailed, and is subjective.
The proposed solution is ofgood quality, detailed andadequately objective.
The proposed solution is ofhigh quality, very detailedand objective.
The proposed solution is ofexcellent quality, detailedand objective.

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