At the end of our days, the most basic principles of life, trust and survival…

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Respond to one of the following three “news clippings” related to virtue ethics from your Pozgar text< legal and ethical issues for health professionals>. Write a 2 pages essay addressing the discussion questions posed for the one you selected. Be sure to clearly identify the news clipping you and ethical issues for health professionals is one of the resource#1 Wrong Operation Doctor (ethics and integrity)Hospitals find it hard to protect patients from wrong-site surgery.Last year a jury returned a $20 million negligence verdict againstArkansas Children’s Hospital for surgery performed on the wrong sideof the brain of a 15-year-old boy who was left psychotic and severelybrain damaged. Testimony showed that the error was not disclosed tohis parents for more than a year. The hospital issued a statementsaying it deeply regretted the error and had “redoubled our efforts toprevent” a recurrence.So, what happened? “Health care has far too little accountability forresults … . All the pressures are on the side of production; that’s howyou get paid,” said Peter Pronovost, a prominent safety expert andmedical director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovation in QualityPatient Care. He added that increased pressure to quickly turn overoperating rooms has trumped patient safety, increasing the chance oferror.Kenneth W. Kizer, who coined the term “never event” nearly adecade ago when he headed the National Quality Forum, a leadingpatient safety organization, said he believes reducing the number oferrors will require tougher reporting rules and increasedtransparency.Source: Boodman, S.G. (2011). Kaiser Health News,The Washington Post. Pozgar, 4th ed., p. 43Assignment Discussion Questions1. Discuss the issues of integrity in this case.2. Should criminal charges be considered in this case, if accurately reported? Discuss your answer.3. Why did you choose to respond to this story?4. How is integrity displayed in your clinical setting?#2 Cheney’s Staff Cuts Testimony on Warming(Health care, Politics, and Trust)The players and the politicians: Dick Cheney former Vice Presidentof the United States, Jason K. Burnett former EPA deputy associateadministrator, and Julie L. Gerberding, former director of the Centersfor Disease Control and PreventionJason K. Burnett, former EPA deputy associate administrator, said Ina letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), that last October an officialfrom Cheney’s office ordered six pages to be edited out of thetestimony of Julie L. Gerberding, director of the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention.Gerberding had planned to say that the “CDC considers climatechange a serious public health concern.”Source: Eilperin, J.(2008) The Washington Post, July 9, 2008. Pozgar, 4th ed., p. 42 (trust)
Assignment Discussion Questions
1. Discuss how headlines such as this affect your opinion of politicians.
2. At the end of our days, the most basic principles of life, trust and survival are on trial. What is your verdict, if you believe there was a cover-up?
3. Why did you choose to respond to this story?
4. How are government and political trust displayed in your clinical setting?
#3 Surgeon Uses Ministry in Medical Practice(Health care and religion)
DALLAS–At 83, Carl Smith faced quadruple bypass surgery and thereal possibility that he might not survive.
Within hours on this spring morning, Dr. Daniel Pool wouldtemporarily bring Smith’s heart to a stop in an attempt to circumventits blocked passages.
And to help his patient confront the uncertainty, Pool did somethingunusual in his profession: He prayed with him.
The power of healing: Medicine and religion have had their day, andthey haven’t always been able to coexist. But as today’s medicaltreatment becomes more holistic, doctors are increasingly takingspirituality into account.
Source: Ramirez, M. (2013). Altoona Mirror, August 9, 2013
Assignment Discussion Questions
1. Discuss the pressure, if any, placed on the patient to responding to the suggestion of prayer prior to surgery.
2. Describe how you, as the surgeon, or nurse, would address a patient’s religious or spiritual needs if the risks of a complex surgical procedure appear to be threatening.
3. Why did you choose to respond to this story?
4. How is religion or faith displayed in your clinical setting?
At the end of our days, the most basic principles of life, trust and survival are on trial. What is your verdict, if you believe there was a cover-up?Explain - Essay Quoll.

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