Black Males

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Read the passage below:Mothers Role in African-American Male Incarceration. Some studies have determined that African Americanmothers are responsible for causing, and thus remedying, any challenges they and their children encounter, toinclude involvement with the criminal justice system (Elliott & Reid 2018; Gurusami 2017, 2019). Having longbeen seen as unfit mothers, these women go on to face heightened scrutiny and punitive treatment in theirparenting practices making their motherhood status contested and questionable (Collins 2000; Roberts 2002;Schram et al. 2009; Soss, Fording, and Schram 2011) and putting on the shoulders of Black mothers theresponsibility to solve at the family level, problems that need solutions at a social and cultural level.What I need for you to do is to describe these studies.What type of study was it? who were the participants? how many participants? What is the methodology? Whatare the findings?
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