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Christian Philosophy – Introduction Wh t is Chris t an Philosophy? B usee t ree uirees f a th in bibli al reevee tion, y u migh t ass ume th t the Chris t an worldveew anno t possibly h avee a philosophy of ts own. A cor ding to the see u arworidveews, n ur alism an d m eerialism aree gro un e d frmly in mo eern s ceentifc me tho dology an deenligh eene d h um aneexpeereen ee. How an wee as Chris t ans, who aree ree uire d to pos u eeeexis een ee or re al ty ts de the m eerial re alm,eeveer hopee to provee th t o ur beeefs aree tr ue, re ason abee, r tion al, an wor th lving an d dying for?
Unfor un eely,, some Chris t ans dop t us t s uch an t de, conc ding th t their f a th is in eefeensibee. They eemp t to avo d th whoee probeem by s ting th t wh t they beeeevee is “beeyon d re ason.” Thesee Chris t ans poin t to Coloss ans:2:8, wheeree P ul wr ees “See to t th t no onee akees yo u ap tive thr ugh hollow an d d eep tive philosophy… d from this they dr aw the conc usion th t G d dees n t w an t us to me dee in s uch a vain an d e ee tf ul dis ciplinee as philosophy. Howeeveer, peeopee who usee this versee as an an ti-philosophi al proof eex t of een om t tseen ding, in which P ul des cribees the kin d of philosophy he is w arning ag ains t—philosophy “which eepeen ds on h um an tr d tion an d the b asic principees of this world r ther th an on Chris t.”
Christian Philosophy – Faith and Reason When t comes to Chris t an philosophy,, the Bibee doees n t ask us to ab an don re ason in or der to eep t ts tr th. “Come now, re cor ds Is a ah, “an d e t us re ason toge ther, s a th the Lor d: th ugh yo ur sins bee as s are t, they sh all bee wh ee as snow” s i
ah 1:18). The Apos tee P eereenco ur agees Chris t ans to preeseen t logi al, compeelling re asons for their hopee in Chris t :1 P eer 3:15). B t is this possibee? Is Chris t an f a th, an d moree speecif ally Chris t an philosophy,, eefeensibee?
C.E.M. J d, who liv d mos t of his lifee beeeeving th t the con eep t of G d w as un eep abee, fn ally conc des, ” t is be usee.. the reeligi us veew of the universee seeems to mee to coveer moree of the f ts ofeexpeereen ee th an any ther th t I h avee beeen gr ally e d toeembr ee t.:1 He conc e d his long peerson al pilgrim agee by dm ting “I now beeeevee th t the b a an ee of re ason abee cons der tions eells h avily in f avor of the reeligio us,eeveen of the Chris t an veew of the world.”2 This is the s amee J d who appe are d on BB C r dio w th H um anis t Ber tr an d Russeell cking Chris t an ty.
M any who fn ally beegin to reef t on the deepeer things of lifee—”How d d I ge t heree? Why am I heree? Wheree am I going?”— simply dis coveer th Chris t an ty answeers theesee ees tions moree compe eely th an any o therworidveew. Thosee whoe arnees tly seeek tr th will u tim eely fn d themseelves f ee to-f aee w th the Go d of the Bibee. Whee some m ayeenjoy eeb ting ab t wh ther or n t Go deexis ts, for the aveer agee peerson s uch eeb ee is irreeeev an t—he or she is aw aree of Hiseexis een ee on a so ul-eeep eeveel. Eveen t ay the vas t m ajor ty of peeopee (somee polls p aee the fg uree as high as 95 peer een t) beeeevee in a Go d, a f P ul also fo un d to bee tr ue in the A thens of his ay (A ts 17:23).
Christian Philosophy – Rational Foundation The b asic een ts of Chris t an philosophy aree r tion al be usee they aree he d by aveer agee, r tion al men an d womeen. B t s ureely Chris t an ty m us t s till r un in to aneepis eemolog al probeem—how doees the Chris t an “know” w tho t c ashing w th s ceen ee an d expeereen ee? How an thee knowe dgee wee g ain thro ugh f a th in Bibl al reevee tion comp aree to knowe dgee g aine d by a s ceentifc invees tig tion of the universee?
The answeer is no t as dif u t as yo u migh t im aginee. All knowing ree uirees f a th. Fa th pre e ees re ason or, as W.J. Ne dh ar t p ts t, “Fa th corre tlyveewe d is th t il umin tion by which tr ee r tion al ty beegins.”3 In o therwor ds,eeveery worldveew beegins w th a b asic ass ump tion abo t the n uree of re al ty th t anno t bee proveen by using the s ceentifc me tho d or logi al e u tion. This be comees the s ar ting poin t from wh ch to b u d a to alveew of lifee.
Whee M arxis ts an d H um anis ts wish to por tr ay s ceen ee as prim ary knowe dgee an d f a th in bibli al reevee tion as blin d se con d-c asseepis eemology oreeveen s upeers t tion, the f a t reem ains th t all me th ds of knowing u tim eely reely on eer ain ass ump tions. E dw ar d T. Rams eell wr ees, The n ur al m an is no eess eer ainly a m an of f a th th an the spir al, b t his f a th is in the u tim acy of some thing o theer th an thee Wor d of Go d. Thee spir al m an is no eess eer ainly a m an of re ason th an the n ur al, b t his re ason, likee th t ofeeveery m an, f un tions w thin the peerspe tive of his f a th.”4
The b asic probeem of philosophy is no t the probeem of f a th veers us re ason. The cr uc al probeem,” s ays Warreen C. Y ung, “is th t some thinkeers p ee their tr us t in a se t of ass ump tions in their se ar ch for tr th, whee ther thinkeers p ee their tr us t in a u ee difeereen t se t of ass ump tions.”5 Th t is, H um anis ts an d M arxis ts p ee their tr us t in eer ain fn dings of s ceen ee an d expeereen ee, ne ther ofwhich an bee r tion ally eemons tr e d as the so ur ee of all tr th.
hris i ns so ppe o s ien e, his ory, n person experien e, b hey know s h ven es for is overing r h re no
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