Claire owns the local grocery store

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Claire owns the local grocery store in your neighbourhood. She heard that you
are taking an analytics course and has come to you for help. She would like you
to build a model that will predict sales. To help with this, Claire has provided you
with a sample of 150 sales transactions from her store.
Question 1 
Perform descriptive analytics on the data (e.g., calculate the average sales,
average family income, etc.) What is the data telling you? What insights or
observations can you draw from this analysis? What graphs could you produce
to get a better understanding of the data? Are there any outliers? If yes, would
you keep the outliers? Do you think there were any limitations with the data? If
yes, please explain your answer.
Provide a write-up of your findings and show your work.
Question 2
Build a model that will help predict sales.
a) What model would you recommend? Provide a write-up of how you came up
with your final model (explain why you recommend this model) and show your
b) Are there variables that are not that predictive that could be eliminated? What
are they?
c) How would you explain the results of this model to Claire who has no
background in analytics?
d) Are there any insights that you can provide that may help generate more
e) What additional data do you think will help improve the model, what
suggestions would you make? State what data and why you think it will
improve the mode

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