Compare and Contrast the two Versions of Susan Glaspell’s Tale

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Drama Paper: Compare and Contrast  For the paper, you will compare and contrast the two versions of Susan Glaspell’s tale. Your paper is an explication and analysis of both the story and the play, not a simple summary of the events in the texts.  Create a thesis on how the two texts compare and contrast.  Provide a thorough explication that illuminates how the evidence in the texts supports that thesis.  As part of your explication, select an aspect of Glaspell’s writing, and write an analysis of how that element of the story/play works to convey meaning, support the understanding of a character, or emphasize theme. You might consider a literary element or technique such as setting, characterization, or symbolism.  Be sure you compare and contrast how this is treated in both texts. Remember to explain yourself fully and to illustrate with quotes and references from the two texts. This is an explication and analysis only, so focus on the text itself rather than outside research.  This is a formal analysis so you should avoid the personal voice (I/we/you) in your writing. Length: At least 3 full pages.  Format: MLA. You should include proper citation to the text at the end of the paper.
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Compare and Contrast the two Versions of Susan Glaspell’s Tale
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