Comparing Trust

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Chapter 1 is about establishing credibility. I want you to read chapter one to think about people in your life that you trust and respect. These can be people that you work with, are friends with, family members, etc. Think about two people—one whom you trust implicitly and another whom you do not trust. Ideally, these should be two people you currently work with or have worked with in the past. Compare them in the following ways: (1) competence, (b) caring, (c) character, (d) openness of communication, and (e) ease of communication. Write four to five paragraphs (500-word minimum). Conclude with several general statements about the impact of credibility on communication efficiency and effectiveness. (DISCLAIMER–Please use correct English/grammar. This is a writing class and I am using this assignment to gauge your writing style. Please put a lot of thought in your response, and check over your work).
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Comparing Trust
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