Compose a letter of proposal for a Pay raise from your boss of 14 years.…

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Compose a letter of proposal for a Pay raise from your boss of 14 years. Assume this is a very successful, well operated, one doctor office.  Accepts only private insurances which covers about 1/3 of the patients and the other 2/3 are fee-for-service or cash-paying patients.
–Please explain you have welcome and taken on the extra duties that other co-workers have slacked on
–quantify (in numbers were possible) why you deserve a $11,000 pay increase.
– All arguments should be based in a positive approach
Background Information:
Your responsibilities have increased and changed as a dental assistant duties only. You now carrying out the responsibilities and duties of a dental assistant, receptionist and office manager duties.
You support all aspects of the business functions and operations and are open to the increased responsibilities. ( you are also the go-to person in the office for answers should anything needs to be addressed if there is any uncertainty).
You have also assume more responsibilities by running the front desk alone every Friday to allow the office manager to have Friday’s off which started over a year ago.
You also clean and maintain the office at the end of everyday in preparation for the next day’s work.

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