Country and western

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You will research one of the following categories of  21st century music. You’ll need to do a lot of research, and you’ll need to cite your sources. (You will be expected to use at least 5 different sources for your research. You will write an essay on one of the following styles of music: 1. Rock and roll 2. Country and western 3. Rap (TOPIC FOR THE ESSAY) 4. Ska 5. Broadway Bear in mind that many of these groups will have several sub-groups to them–for example, where would “Hip hop” or “Heavy Metal” or or “Punk” or “Bluegrass” fit? If you can think of a genre other than these that you’d like to write a lesson on, you can ask me about it, but for the most part students will be expected to write a lesson on one of these four. You should include the origins and/or history of the music; discuss melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color, dynamics, and texture; identify the different sub-categories; highlight major composers or performers; recognize any specific audience the music is intended for; and select at least three songs to illustrate the things you’ve noted about the music, explaining how each song shows the characteristics of the style. Cover whatever you feel you need to in order to give a good survey of the style, and be sure to compare or contrast the style to the other music we’ve studied.  If you can provide links to the music you use as examples that would be wonderful, but this is not required. Make certain you’ve listened to your examples yourself. Remember to listen to the music critically.
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Country and western
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