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Final project is a comprehensive assignment. Students are required to review course material and build on the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in the course. The final project is a continuation of the policy analysis project. It evaluates students’ ability to analyze a public health problem, conduct policy analysis, identify methodologies to address a public health problem through an intervention, it evaluates students’ ability to develop project proposal, compose a work-plan, and devise budget.

Step 1:Select the public health problem that you identified during your policy analysis project. (OBESITY IN CHILDREN)

Step 2: Conduct a literature review to further strengthen your understanding of the problem and what could be done to address the problem in your community.

Step 3:Select an intervention to address the problem i.e. awareness camping, training, establishing a center, or service delivery(The most ideal course of action from the options presented above would be the use of parental involvement programs to address the problem of obesity in children.)

Step 4:Write a project proposal which should include following components:

Background (20 points, 1-page):build on your previous literature review and:

Provide a definition for the problem

Provide statistics about the problem based PLACE, PERSON, TIME and outline if any disparities exist on sub-set of populations

Provide some figures on costs, social impact, community impact or political impact of the problem

Provide a rational and justification for your interventionObjectives (10 points):

Write your project objectives

Make sure your objectives are 2-3 in total are they are SMART

Resources for objectives

What are smart objectives? Download CDC guide on “How to write SMART Objectives” Download What are smart objectives? Download CDC guide on “How to write SMART Objectives”

Methodology (1.5 pages, 20 points)

Review your policy options that will give you an idea about your methodology

Methodology should describe what kind of intervention are you planning to achieve your objectives

For example, is it an awareness campaign

Is it service delivery, if yes how will you deliver the services

Methodology should also describe if you will need human resource, physical resources, training, equipment etc.

Resource for methodology

Interactive tool “guidelines for writing the methodology URL: “ (Links to an external site.)

M&E Plan (1/2 page, 20 points)

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan tracks and assesses the results of an intervention throughout the life of a project. Monitoring focuses on the project activities, whether these activities are implementing according to the schedule and work plan. For example, staff recruitment, delivery of services, training sessions etc. Monitoring is an ongoing process and mainly focuses on input and processes. While evaluation focuses on the end-results, and whether the project achieved its objectives. For example, in an obesity awareness project, providing training on nutrition to high school youth might be an activity and needs to be monitored. Raising awareness and knowledge level of high-school youth could be an objective that needs to be evaluated. Through a post-training survey the objective could be evaluated when the awareness sessions are completed.

Resources for M&E

Please visit Health Compass Website it provides step by step guide on how to create an M&E Plan.

URL: (Links to an external site.)

See the following resource for further information.

The Overseas Development Institute have a manual on“How to design M&E framework for policy research project” Download The Overseas Development Institute have a manual on “How to design M&E framework for policy research project”

Work Plan (1 page, 15 points)

Work plan is a written document that outlines all major activities, timeline and responsible party in a project.

Some work plan breakdown activities to sub-activities.

Following is a simple format of a small project work plan (1-year project. Only two months are shown)

Major Activities Responsibility Timeline
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
A. Personnel Recruitment
Writing Job description HR Officer and Project Manager
Posting job online HR Officer
Short listing HR Officer & PM
Schedule interview HR Officer
Hiring and offer letter PM
B. Awareness Sessions Advocacy Coordinator
Creating brochures Printing department
Distribution of material

Resources for work plan

Watch this video, it shows how to create a work plan using excel.Quick Gantt Chart in Excel (Unusual technique) (Links to an external site.)

Budget (1 page, 15 points)

Project budget is a financial and personnel disposal limits that are needed for the project implementation. Its creating helps to define the maximal of money, work costs and resources necessary for the certain project.

There a number of templates for project budget are available.

Usually for a small project we use a simple format and provide ‘Budget Narratives” to explain why we need a particular cost.

See budget template attachedDownload See budget template attached


For your selected intervention for your selected health issue, you will be requesting fund support either from the State Legislature or from an external funding source. Either way, you will need to prepare a budget request. The budget request should include the actual dollars you are requesting, on an annual basis, and should be accompanied by a budget justification. Typical budget categories are as follows:


Indicate each individual to be paid by this funding source and his or her job title

Indicate the months to be worked and the percent efforts

Indicate current annual salary

Calculate the amount requested for this project

Fringe Benefits

Calculated at 20% of the total salary requested

Consultant Costs

If you need to utilize an outside vendor for some service, indicate the amount here


Include all estimated expenses


Include all estimated expenses


Include all estimated expenses

Total Direct Costs

Add these up

Indirect Costs

Calculated at 25% of direct costs, exclusive of equipment and consultant subcontracts

Total Amount Requested

Indicate the total amount; reflect this in the letter of intent or the draft legislation


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Project X

Year One Budget Request

Title of Project

Primary Outcome Objective

Primary Process Objective

A. Personnel Annual Salary % time months Total Salary Requested
Deanna Wathington, Project Director $100,000 30% 12 $30,000
Shams Rahman, Data Analyst $100,000 50% 6 $50,000
Matilda Johnson, Administrator $100,000 100% 12 $100,000
B. Fringe Benefits (@ 20%) $ 26,000
C. Travel $ 22,000
D. Equipment $ 9,000
E. Supplies $ 6,725
F. Subcontracts

Data Collection and Management

$ 50,000
H. Indirect (@ 25%, calculated on all direct costs except equipment and subcontracts) $ 46,181


Budget Justification


Describe each position, responsibilities, capacity of the incumbent if TBN, describe qualifications of the person you will recruit

Fringe benefits

State your agency’s fringe benefit rate, in this case, 20% of personnel costs


State clearly all anticipated travel expenses and their purpose; include local travel required to conduct the work, travel to state and national meetings, etc


Describe what you need in the way of supplies (include office supplies, computer supplies, meeting supplies, postage, photocopying, etc)


Describe any equipment you intend to purchase with these funds and its intended use


Describe any services you will contract out to another vendor and why (i.e. why can’t you do this yourself?) Include the basis for the estimated cost

Total the Direct Costs

Describe why you need these costs

Indirect Costs

Every governmental agency has a negotiated indirect cost rate; for purposes of this exercise, assume that this agency’s is 25%; calculate this based on all direct expenses except equipment and subcontracts

Total Funds Requested

This is the total amount of funding you are requesting for the first year. If you are planning on a multi-year project, you should include a budget with justification for years two and three. Remember to include expected raises in salary and any change in travel or equipment or sub-contract costs based on the changing nature of the work.

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