Culture And Capitalism In Modern World History

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Outside sources are not allowed. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!! Chicago style. The formatting of the essay and all citations need to follow Chicago Manual of Style format. Chicago is the citation and bibliographic style used by historians. Four developments were necessary to create the culture of capitalism after 1450: the Consumer, the Laborer, the Capitalist, and the Nation-State.  Questions for the Essay are below Thesis Statement: Thesis statement should be formulated based on these following questions 1.What makes the Laborer and the Consumer so crucial to the development of capitalism? Are sweatshops really inevitable and do they alleviate poverty in third-world countries? Do you think the instances noted on the PBS Affluenza time ( correlate well with Robbins’ explanation of the growth of consumerism and affluenza, Robert, or do they have different emphases?    2. What was gained and what was lost by the formation and spread of this new culture of capitalism? You will need to explain the two developments in detail and clarify the benefits and costs of those two developments. based on the two chapters from Richard Robbins, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (7th edition) (chapter 1 and chapter 2) and all the sources provided
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Culture And Capitalism In Modern World History
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