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Part A:
The specific issue is Babies born with low birth rate which cannot be defined as only a particular disease but it is a bunch for the conditions that involves to the impairment for the problems to the weighing of less than 2.5 kg or 5 pounds. The low birth weight is caused with the preterm delivery due to the different reasons.

Dementia is caused by the damage for the brain cells which affects on the flexibility with the speaking to one other. The brain cells canot communicate normally and the thining, behaviour or the feelings are also affected. As per the analysis, the impact of dementia on the individual health is about the change for the emotional responses which are also common in the people with the problem of dementia. There are little power and then one feel articulated with themselves. Someone might be irritate or susceptibl for the mood swings or the overreaction to the sitations. This might lead to the withdraw or the uninterest for the different factors. The factral memory or the capacity is about the thining of objectives with the situation that has been deteriorated. Someone might be also responding to the emotional factors with the anticipation about being tearful and agitated as well. The people with the problem of dementa tend to feel nervous and also lose the faith in themselves and the ability too.

Dementia is for the indirect impact on the self-esteem of the person with impacting the other aspects for the life. The health problems, and the financial difficulities with the status of work is determined through the relationship which might be for those affected. Not only this, there are specific disease with the conditions that involves the impairment for the least two brain functions like the loss of memory and the judgement. The symptoms are for theforgetfulness and the limitation on the social skills ro the thining abilities with the impairment that leads to the interfering of the functioning, daily. The dementia is one of the chronic condition which last upto several eyars. The problems of memory are to the affect on the ability for the brai cells to communicate and then there are brain cells which are not communicating normally, to think, behave and feel about what one can be affected with.

As per the analysis, the person suffering from the dementia might be also experiencing the severe loss of the memory and the difficulty to communicate with the mobility loss. The smptoms of te penurmonia and the weight loss and inability to care for oneself. The effects are to the extend the families with the taking care of the afflicted individual who tend to be involved with the increased tasks difficulites.

Part B:

For individual level, there are encouraging exercised with the observation about the dementia that is also involving the performance to the boost of exercises. The improvement is based on cognitive functioning and strong muscles, joints or the better health status as well. The providing of best case is for he patients to understand about the onset of the demneita which is the smoking, raise of the levels of cholesterol and the hypertension or the underactivity. It can lead to preventing the 50% of the incidences with the nurses being inherent to the obligations as the patient advocates to tell the society for the developing habits which leads to the hindering of the onest and the advancement of demntia. There are fundmantal roles to prevent and then promote the health and illness through education of client.

At the population level, there is a raise of awayrreness which is then associated to the factors of risks and then this leads to dementia as well. The population awareness is about the socializing on the people littered with dementia. The spreading of awareness is about the factors with the cuse of dementia. The reasonable lifestyles are for the dementia. to handle the problem by the spread of awareness about the factors. As per the analysis, there are psychological health and the emotional wellbeing. Some of the factors include:

Guilt and the sadness or the loss in the everyday life which affect the families or the caregivers.

There are problems with the overwhelming approach for the people families and the caregivers. The physical, emotional and the other financial strains are when the families are under the stress of health, mental, financial and the other legal systems.

Social isolation is about living with dementia that can be isolating. Hence, the time is about when the person ability is to communicate and then deteriorate to make the experiences about the appearance simple more complx.

Physcial health: The evidence is about the care for dementia affected relative with the negative physciological health impact. The pressure and the challenges are for the care which linked to the low immunity and the eleatived hormonal levels, and the hypertension as well.

There are higher stress levels which are linked to the death rates for the carers and the non-careres which implies about the stress for the risks factors and then not caring as well.

Economic impact of caring: The costs of caring is when the people are holding the heavy needs to have the safe community. The cost of caring is for those who are involved with the hours spent and then provide enough support or the other relted costs. The transport is for the appotinments and the facility reimbursements too.

There are loss in the wages or the failure to continue towards working in a proper manner. There are retirements for the caregivers and individuals with the additional costs standards.

Part C:
The chosen health issue is about the Alzheimers with the sort of memory loss that leads to the major damage for the cells of brain. The health promotion and the illness prevention strategies are for the exercising which will not only lead to the improvement of physical health but also work on improving the mental well being with the personal standards. One needs to be together to handle the increased dependency among the patents which is affected through the disease like presenile dementia. This is for the encoruagng exercises with providing patients an improve of the chance for the socialization among the others. One needs to encourage the excersies with the improved congntive functioning or the stronger muscles that are for the different joints and the alertness with mental stimulation and intereaction too.

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