Demons, Saints and Angels

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Demons, Saints and Angels 345-102-MQProf. Angelique Koumouzelis B-425
Reading Response 5
1.) Read the following:
• Dalrymple, William. “The Dancer of Kannur.”
2.) Summarize the article by Russell in no more than 8 lines.Some tips to consider:• What is the reading about?• What is the central theme?• What is the author trying to prove?• What is their thesis?
3.) Use the rest of the page, or maximum 2 pages total, to raise and discuss any points of interest from any of the readings. You may use the first person.Some tips to consider:• What did you find interesting?• What did you find challenging?• Did something surprise you?• Is there something you would like to critique?• Can you relate these readings to other topics or readings from class?• Can you relate these readings to other material not covered in this class?
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Demons, Saints and Angels - ACED ESSAYS.

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