Educational Psychology(Final Paper)

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I need a last minute portion of my final written in first person as a Language Arts teacher here is a list of each subject needed: Learning and classrooms, including cognitive development, language development, student differences and needs, intelligence, behavioral, cognitive and constructive aspects of learning, classroom environments, student motivation, and cultural diversity. In this final project, you are going to have a chance to put all of these different things into action. Education Majors: You are going to create your own classroom for the grade level of your choice. You may choose any grade level from preschool to high school. The subject area is also your choice (you must choose a specific subject area for middle or high school; you do not need to do so for preschool or elementary school). In a 3 page paper, explain how you would use the knowledge learned in this course (i.e., the categories listed in the above paragraph) to create your ideal classroom. Your paper should explain the knowledge you have learned in Educational Psychology and apply that knowledge to your ideal classroom. Your paper should demonstrate both your understanding of course material and your ability to apply that knowledge to the classroom setting. You may choose to include a diagram/classroom layout and/or classroom management strategy. I need sources cited please, I will add the information, sources, and more to my first perso final paper on my own thank you.
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Educational Psychology(Final Paper)
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