Essay on research paradigm

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Assessment InformationSubject Code: BUS 604
Subject Name:Assessment Title:Weighting:Length:Due Date:
Business Research MethodsAssessment 2 – Essay on research paradigm35 %3000 wordsSubmission due Week 4 – Sunday at 11.59 pm
COURSE: Master of Business (Research)
Business Research Methods
Unit Code:
Type ofAssessment:
Assessment 2 – Report on research paradigm
Unit LearningOutcomesaddressed:
(a) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the major stepsinvolved in conducting research.(b) Demonstrate an extended understanding of variousbusiness research designs and methods and be able toevaluate and explain their strengths and weaknesses inresearch designs for particular projects.(c) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of ethical issues inresearch and an advanced understanding ofappropriate procedures and protocols applicable tothese issues.(d) Critically review and evaluate research literature.(e) Design research for a particular project, explaining thelimitations, advantages, and technical and ethicalimplications of the techniques employed.(f) Select, justify and design questions suitable for asurvey instrument and be able to analyse survey datain relation to a particular research question.(g) Prepare a formal research proposal investigating aninnovative and/or unresolved research question.
Criteria forAssessment:
 Knowledge and Understanding Content and exploration of theories and ideas Analysis, synthesis and critical engagement Technical skills and referencing
Assessment Task:
Using particular research methodologies raises many philosophicalquestions for researchers about the nature of reality, howknowledge is constructed, the role of value in research and how
research should be conducted. Identify relevant researchphilosophies or paradigms and investigate their epistemology,ontology, axiology and their implications for methodology (researchdesign, data collection, etc.) selection.Your essay must focus on contentious and problematic issues,therefore they must contain a well-argued case with an appropriatestructure and obey academic conventions regarding referencing,etc.Although you may use any scholarly sources, the following are listof readings you can use to support your arguments.Creswell, J.W and Creswell, J.D. (2018). Research DesignQualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches, SAGE,Thousand OaksBell, E., Bryman, A., & Harley, B. (2018). Business researchmethods. Oxford university press.Burrell, G., & Morgan, G. (2017). Sociological paradigms andorganisational analysis: Elements of the sociology of corporatelife. Routledge.Hammersley, M., & Gomm, R. (1997). Bias in social research.Sociological Research Online, 2(1), 1-13.Neuman, W (2017) Social research Methods: Qualitative andQuantitative Approaches: The Meanings of methodology, Allynand Bacon, Boston.Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Leech, N. L. (2005). On becoming apragmatic researcher: The importance of combining quantitativeand qualitative research methodologies. International journal ofsocial research methodology, 8(5), 375-387.Yilmaz, K. (2013). Comparison of quantitative and qualitativeresearch traditions: Epistemological, theoretical, andmethodological differences. European Journal of Education, 48(2),311-325.
Submission Date:
Week 4 (online submission).
Total Mark &Weighting:
35 marks | 35%
Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approvedextension or approved extenuating circumstances incur a 5% penalty per calendarday,calculated from the total mark e.g. a task marked out of 35 will incur a 1.75 mark penaltyper calendar day.
HD (HighDistinction)85%-100%
DN (Distinction)75%-84%
CR (Credit)74%-65%
P (Pass)50%-64%
F (Fail)0%-49%
Knowledge andunderstanding5 marks
Commandof thetopic,unusualcreativity,perceptionand insight,allsuggestingthat workshould bepublishedin anacademicforum.
Demonstrates commandof the topicby showingcreativity,perceptionand insight —a seriouscontributionto theacademicdebate.
Demonstratesa wellinformedunderstandingof the topicby showingcreativity andinsight — aseriouscontribution tothe academicdebate.
Understanding ofcontemporaryacademicdebate, withsomecreative inputand insight,with atendencytowarddescription.
Limited/poorunderstandingdemonstrated. Anycreative input issomewhat off thepoint.
Content andexploration oftheories and ideas10 marks
Outstanding selectionthat makesasubstantialcontribution to
Outstandingselectionfrom a widerelevant andinnovativerange of
Selectionfrom a wideand relevantrange ofperspectivesand sources
Relevantselection froma range ofperspectivesand sources.Sources are
Narrow selection,minimal use ofsources, to supportthe argument.
perspectivesand sources.
that drawsuponcontemporary academicdebate.
mostlyintegratedinto theoverallargument.
Analysis,synthesis andcritical engagement15 marks
Outstanding use ofsourcematerial.Excellentargumentthat is ofthe highestacademicquality.Criticaldistance andoutstandinganalysis ofthequestion, toa high
Sources verywellintegrated intothe overallargument.Clear wellstructuredargument thatis well craftedand cogent.Criticaldistance andoutstandinganalysis of thequestion.
Sourceswellintegratedinto theoverallargument.Clear,cogent andwellstructuredargument.Criticaldistance andsoundanalysis of thequestion.
Mostly clear,cogent andwell-structuredargument.Demonstratescriticality andgenerallygood analysis.
Sources are notproperly integratedinto the argument.Absence of clearand cogentargument.Incomplete analysiswith a tendency toaccept the sourcematerial at facevalue.
degree ofexcellence.
Technical skillsand referencing5marks
Referencingimpeccable usingappropriateconventions.No errorsingrammarorspelling.
Referencingclear andaccurate usingappropriateconventions.Virtually noerrors ingrammar orspelling.
Referencing clear andaccurateusingappropriateconventions.Goodgrammar andspelling.
Referencingsufficientlyclear andusing anappropriateconvention.Adequategrammar andspelling.
Referenceslimited/inappropriate. Many errors ingrammar andspelling, making itdifficult or impossibleto read.

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