Correctional Leadership

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You are the director of a state department of corrections. responsible for operating the state prisons, parole and probation supervison, and a variety of community sanctions that are alternatives to incarceration. Your prison inmate count has increased 15 percent over the past four years, the prisons are overcrowded, and you are building new institutions to help with the overcrowding. However, your agency budget increases have not kept pace with demand and you have a higher inmate-to-staff ratio than you would like. You are being asked to reduce costs of operation to forestall a possible tax increase. How do you develop a proactive plan to reduce the increased budget needs yet still operate all of the state correctional functions in a safe and effective manner?
The assignments are designed to gauge your understanding and learning of a particular learning outcome for the course. You should spend some time with the essays to ensure they are free from excessive grammatical and spelling errors. They require a minimum of 250 words and must be submitted in MS Word format.
TEXTBOOK: Correctional Administration, 3rd Edition
AUTHOR: Richard P. Seiter

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