Evaluates a mental illness or substance abuse issue that adversely affects individuals in an identified population.

Assignment Description: Part I Creating a Pamphlet or Web Page
To complete this portion of the assignment the DNP–NA student evaluates a mental illness or substance abuse issue that adversely affects individuals in an identified population.
The student creates a pamphlet and/or (web page) that identifies and addresses gaps in health promotion/disease prevention educational care. The completed project should include information about current recommendations for health promotion and disease prevention in the identified population. Remember there are two parts to this assignment Part 1– Creating a Pamphlet or Web Page and Part II– Peer Review.
Assignment Description: Part II Peer Review Peer review is an important process in graduate work and affords students the opportunity to collaborate during the learning process. Each student must have their Health Promotion Project Assignment peer reviewed by a fellow classmate. Additionally, each student must peer review a fellow classmates Health Promotion Project Assignment. All students will randomly be assigned to Peer Review by How to complete the Peer Review:
1. Provide constructive, meaningful feedback on the assignment. The followingstatements are examples of NON–constructive feedback. The previous examples depict how NOT to provide constructive feedback and student will not receive credit for the peer review section of the assignment if they provide this type of feedback.
2. Provide constructive, meaningful feedback regarding the relationship between thetopic and health promotion. The following statements are examples of NON–constructive feedback: “Great selection” “What” “Yes” “Poor quality”. The previousexamples depict how NOT to provide constructive feedback and the student will notreceive credit for the assignment if they provide this type of feedback.
3. The Peer Review process must occur to receive full credit. Important: Course Instructors will review to assure that Peer evaluation is relevant and provides objective feedback, constructive criticism, and several recommendations for revisions with the focus on enhancing student presentations.
Create a health promotion pamphlet or website according to the attached rubric.
Identify and include a link (or web address) to one risk assessment tool and 2 links (or web addresses) to health promotion and prevention websites.
Complete a peer evaluation of a classmate’s health promotion project. The peerevaluation should include strengths and weaknesses of the project, using the peer review guidelines above and the grading rubric below. Resources:  Bickley, L. S. (2017). Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking (12th ed).Wolters Kluwer Hines, R.L., & Marshall, K.E., (2012). Stoelting’s anesthesia and co–existing disease. (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier–Saunders.  Health Promotion and Prevention websites see LMS

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3 ANALYTIC RUBRIC: NURS 6340 HEALTH PROMOTION PROJECT ASSIGNMENT PEER ASSESSMENT Student: __________________ Date: _________ Criteria Level of Achievement Beginning 0 Excellent 1 Describes thePathophysiology of theDisease Pathophysiology of disease is not clearly documented and/or inaccurate. Pathophysiology of disease is clearly stated with precise understanding of disease process. Summarizes at RiskPatients/Populationsand StatisticalData/Prevalence Populations at risk not summarized and relevant statistical data not addressed. Populations at risk is clearly and completely summarized with precision and accuracy with well supported documentation. Numerous reports of statistical data is discussed and analyzed for its relevance to health promotion and disease prevention. Identifies and Includesa link (or web address)to one risk assessmenttool and 2 links (or webaddresses) to healthpromotion andprevention websites Fails to identify and include required links/web addresses. Identifies and includes links/web addresses that are relevant to the topic, inclusive health promotion information, and easy to navigate by other users. Outlines Patient Education Strategies to Address Gaps in Care Content is vague and unorganized. Project lacks insufficient information that can be used to educate patient populations. Content for patient information is comprehensive and accurate with all major points clearly stated and well supported by scholarly research. Medical jargon avoided throughout project. Criteria Level of Achievement Beginning 0 Excellent 2 Uses Conventions ofStandard U.S. English (Spelling, Grammar,Syntax and Logic) Frequent errors: Spelling and grammar; incorrect word usage; awkward syntax; expression of thought is obscured by mechanics. Major problems in sentence and/or paragraph construction. Spelling and grammar are exemplary. Expression of thought is not obscured by mechanics. Word usage gives consistently clear and precise meaning. Sentences and paragraphs are well crafted and contribute to a smooth flow of thought.

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Evaluates a mental illness or substance abuse issue that adversely affects individuals in an identified population.

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