Expectations of Agency

Expectations of Agency/Student Visit:
All parties (learner, site supervisor, point of contact, and faculty) need to be involved –
Faculty please model introduction and then have learner respond, then MSW Site
Supervisor/ Point of Contact respond. Please address all questions and have all parties
engage in the conversation.
Professional Introductions
Name, Education, Experience
Discuss what is going well and what you have been involved in this quarter (Summary of
your experience). I have continued to build rapport with the clients. I mainly work with John who has been diagnosed the schizophrenia paranoia. I have gained his trust over the months, I have learned his triggers, however he needs constant supervision. He says that he hears voices, and they tell him good things and bad things. John is loves music and loves to play the guitar. I talk to him about playing his guitar. We use music to calm him down when he has been triggered. I stand within arms reach of him when I see that he has been triggered and play music from my phone. When he starts to calm down and we feel he is receptive to taking his medication. He is asked to take the medication and when he agrees to take the medication, we administer it to him.  We have had to turn his bed to face the door to calm him because he feels like someone is after him.
Discuss areas of improvement or areas you are anticipating developing in practicum this quarter (summary of concerns, expansion of skills, emotions about new skill
development) I want to improve on my ability to facilitate individual and group therapy. I feel that when providing therapy that is the biggest part of helping the person on their journey to a better quality of life. I want to become knowledgeable about the various community organizations and what they offer so that I can be resourceful in assisting in meeting the needs of the client.
Discuss the integration of ethical practice that will prepare you for independent practice (mandatory reporting, conflict at work – practice ethical behaviors -procedures in practice, ethical dilemma, etc.). I know that we should report if we are told by a child that they are getting abused. Also, if someone states that they want to hurt themselves or others we should report them to
Learning Contract: Explain tasks and how you are doing with these tasks. Review and
discuss –
Competency 1: I refer to the NASW when I have questions regarding the code of ethics, social media, email, The Code of Ethic is always used when dealing with clients and colleagues. We want to make certain that we are being professional and always acting in the best interest of the client.
Competency 2: I engage in conversations about his love for music and playing the guitar. We can incorporate guitar playing as a coping mechanism when he feels triggered and to get him into a calm mindset. We have incorporated proper hygiene into group therapy sessions to help them learn how to properly shower/bathe, brush their teeth, floss, going to the dentist every 6 months, hand washing and hair grooming. Also, how to properly keep their areas clean and sanitized. With the group therapy we are teaching life skills as well as hoping that if they implement proper hygiene into their daily routine that internally it will build confidence.
Competency 3: We work with juvenile justice because the client was on probation. We had to ensure that the client met his requirements while on probation. We met with juvenile court counselor and provided the client with consequences. And we would send him to designated cool off area, and he would choose who he wanted to talk to and he would use his breathing techniques and other techniques to deescalate the client. The other person would be there with the medication and water for the individual that he is talking to can simultaneously give him the water and medication while talking. He always must be within eyesight.
Competency 4:
Competency 5: Department of health and Human services comes every 6 months to audit the center to make certain that we are following the guidelines and procedures mandated. They check the clients’ books to make certain they they are going to their medical appt, they ensure that they are hacing family child team meeting once a month, Dss guardian conducts the meeting, guardian et litwm, Qp. The client has to be reauthorized monthly to continue to stay in the group home. Submit a reauthorization every 20 days. They must be evaluated every month by a psychiatrist, upload PCP, crisis prevention sheet, what triggers him, meds, what makes him happy.
Competency 6: I also assist with therapy for anger management and coping skills. They get individual and group therapy twice a week.
Competency 7: We provide praise and reward when goals are accomplished. We try to stay consist with routines, therapy sessions
Competency 8: When we notice a child is being triggered, we will remove the child from the room to eliminate an anger outburst.
Competency 9: no exit interviews, discharge paperwork states that they have completed the program, or they will not comply with the program: an email or letter has been sent to the DSS officer to let them know they will be discharged within 30 and list the reasons as to why, and provide information of diagnosis
Discuss theories / frameworks and how they are being used in practice
Carl Rogers- Person centerted therapy a humanistic theory- that each of us has a
natural potential that we can actualize and through which we can find meaning.
Goals: Increase the independence and integration of the client, Focus on the person,
not the problem, Create the conditions necessary for positive growth, Develop openness to new experiences, trust in themselves, internal source of evaluation,
and willingness to continue growing

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Provide support and examples if needed (Ecological, Maslow, Developmental)
Explain how you are utilizing supervision and how it is going?
Any issues, concerns, or needs that I can assist with?

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