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If you prefer to read this guide in your own or familiar language, upload this document to your OneDrive on RM Unify. Then open the document on MS Word and use the Translate function on the Review menu. You can then translate this document to any language you like.
Si vous préférez lire ce guide dans votre propre langue ou votre langue familière, téléchargez ce document sur votre OneDrive sur RM Unify. Ouvrez ensuite le document sur MS Word et utilisez la fonction Traduire dans le menu Révision. Vous pouvez ensuite traduire ce document dans n’importe quelle langue que vous aimez.
Dacă preferați să citiți acest ghid în limba proprie sau familiară, încărcați acest document în OneDrive pe RM Unify. Apoi deschideți documentul pe MS Word și utilizați funcția Traducere din meniul Revizuire. Aveți apoi posibilitatea să traduceți acest document în orice limbă doriți.
நீங்கள் இந்த வழிகாட்டியை உங்கள் சொந்த அல்லது பரிச்சயமான மொழியில் படிக்க விரும்பினால், இந்த ஆவணத்தை RM Unify இல் உங்கள் OneDrive இல் பதிவேற்றவும். பின்னர் MS Word இல் ஆவணத்தைத் திறந்து, மதிப்பாய்வு மெனுவில் உள்ள Translate function ஐப் பயன்படுத்தவும். பின்னர் நீங்கள் விரும்பும் எந்த மொழியிலும் இந்த ஆவணத்தை மொழிபெயர்க்கலாம்.
Academic Year 2021-22
This is a guide for FY026 PSKC Coursework 2
Create a minimum of 10 artefacts (check the given template on LSST connect).
Fill in the cover page information. How to add the OneDrive link?
You must upload the given template to your RMUnify OneDrive app. After uploading the template to OneDrive, open it and click on the share button. When you see the sharing dialogue box, click on the Copy link button, then paste the link to the relevant section of the cover page.
In Appendix 1, explain the new features of MS WORD (RM Unify version) such as ‘Dictate’, ‘Immersive Reader’ and ‘Editor’. Explain whether you have used those tools and why?
In Appendix 2, you can indicate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a student at Buckinghamshire New University. If you read the reflective essay that you have provided for coursework one of this module, you may pick some relevant information. You have discussed your strength and weaknesses in your reflective essay of coursework one.
In Appendix 3, you can explain how you will improve your employability skills. You should indicate the actions you take with time frames. Read your previous reflective essay to pick a few actions. You have discussed some of the future actions to improve yourself in your reflective essay.
In Appendix 4, you can summarise the given blog/news. Read the blog/news, view all the links and videos and then write what you understood in your own words (paraphrasing). A summary is a brief statement or restatement of the main points. You can also express whether you like or dislike the content, whether you agree or disagree, whether the contents are important or not important and why. Do not forget to add the correct in-text citation and the long reference for the given blog or news article.
Appendix 5 is similar to Appendix 4. Follow the guidance provided in Appendix 4.
In Appendix 6, you are going to evaluate the resources for finding new jobs. You may select LinkedIn. Firstly, you will provide a description and a picture of your chosen resource. Then you will identify the advantages and the disadvantages of that resource. In the end, you will write a conclusion. Conclude whether you will use it and how you will use it effectively. Do not forget to provide in-text citations and references in the Harvard referencing style.
In Appendix 7 – list your favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes and explain the importance of each attribute.
In Appendix 8, you will evaluate academic resources by identifying the advantages and the disadvantages of those resources. In the end, you will write a conclusion explaining how you would use some of those resources effectively.
In Appendix 9, use a resource for job search (e.g. Totaljobs.com) and find a job you may like. Then take screenshots of the job description and person specification. You should NOT copy and paste the text. You should add screenshots (images) only. A job description is a document intended to provide job applicants with an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the role for which they are applying. The associated person specification details the attributes, skills and experience required in order to perform the job effectively.
In Appendix 10, you will write a blog. In this blog, you will discuss how new technologies will change the future job market. Then you will explore the new job opportunities available in the future. Finally, you will make some suggestions on how a student can prepare for those new Job opportunities. An academic blog is an online web page used to enhance educational learning. Blogging provides an opportunity to network, learn, share and be part of a community. Read some of the staff and students’ Blogs of LSST before you write your blog. You don’t need to post your blog to a web page for this moment. By writing this blog, you will demonstrate that you can think critically and creatively about graduate employment opportunities in the future.
You may use other example templates/artefacts to demonstrate that you achieve the learning outcomes of this assignment brief. You are required to provide a minimum of 10 artefacts. You can pick and choose any artefacts you like. However, remember that you should demonstrate the achievement of all the learning outcomes of this assignment brief.
Finally, writethereflective summary. Explain how and why those portfolio elements have supported you in developing your employability skills. You may also clarify whether the activities in the module have changed your view and your attitude toward graduate job opportunities in the future.
The work should be 1.5 line spaced, the Font must be Arial and size should be 12. Follow the reference guidelines.
Word Count:
For artefacts: Minimum 1500 words / There is no maximum limit.
For summary: Minimum 450 words / Maximum 550.
If you write a minimum of 1500 words + 500 words summary using the above template, your final total word count will be around 2500 as the template also has around 500 words.
Turnitin Similarity Index:
The indicated similarity percentage that you see at your submission link is a misleading figure. Because it shows the similarity generated due to the cover page or template and other parts that you are not accountable for. To calculate the correct (actual) similarity index of your own work, you should enter the Turnitin interface and check your full similarity report. Find the similarity percentages that you are not accountable for. Subtract those percentages from the total index. E.g. It is possible that the template may create 20%. If the indicated similarity percentage is 35% and when you subtract 20% from 35%, then your actual index will be 15%.
Essential reading for this coursework:
Example portfolio template
Week 1 – lecture presentation (Intro to BNU degree programme and PSKC)
BUCKS graduate attributes
Week 6 – lecture presentation (Citing Sources – Part 1)
Week 8- lecture presentation (Citing Sources – Part 2)
Weak 8 – Workshop on OneDrive sharing
Week 9 – lecture presentation (knowledge and understanding the world of work from 2020 and onward)
News post and blogs on LSST news column accessible via LSST connect
Then submit the full portfolio file to Turnitin one week before the deadline.
Good Luck!

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