Gender Race and Ckass

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Complete a brief (250 words) “analysis” of EACH OF THE FOLLOWING EPISODES of the film : Unnatural Causes, Episode 1, “In Sickness and in Wealth” (250words) Episode 2, “When the Bough Breaks” (250 words) Episode 5, “Place Matters” (250 words) Episode 7, “Not just a Paycheck” (250 words) Each Analyses should present/raise/highlight critical Thoughts, Observations, and Questions (TOQues) on the films as related to course themes and weekly topics. They do not have to be “formal” essays, but they should draw on and cite relevant course material. Feel free to be creative—just keep the TOQues critical and make sure there is explicit mention and connection to structural and systemic racism gender and clas
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Gender Race and Ckass
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