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After completing your essay assignment on Presidential job performance, write a 2-3 paragraph summary of your essay and post it in the discussion area. Be sure to read comments posted by other students and reply as you feel appropriate. Be sure that your summary states your opinion on our president’s performance and why you feel as you do. 25 Points





Barrack Obama. There are mixed reactions to the relationship of the current US President Obama and the foreign countries. There are countries that think that he is a good leader while others feel that he is not good enough. People have been very keen on his relationship with other countries. Barrack Obama has been a critic of the leadership of some countries. America chooses hope rather than fear. Being a superpower, America is supposed to oversee the activities of other nations. This has beenreceived with mixed reactions.

Poland and China are not happy with the president of the United States. Russia and China want a different currency to be used instead of Using the Us Dollar. The president of the United States cannot accept this. Thus Russia and China have becomeenemies” of the United States. The President of Iran does not like the president of the United States. He once called him a puppy. Many countries have shown opposition to the US president (Sharma, D and Uwe, P., 2013). Nations like South Korea have launched more missiles since Obama took the office. Countries like Iran are making nuclear bombs too.

The activities of the United States of the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan has triggered more enemies to the president from the Arab countries. He had promised that he will bring the troops out of these nations, but he has not done that. Targeting Middle East on a fight against terrorism has not beenreceived well. He has beencriticized for championing for war in the name of bringing peace.

Many people feel that it is not the best way. Whenhetooktheoffice, manypeoplesaw President Obama as thebestbutthey currently believethathe has failedand over timehe has receivedcriticisms from foreigncountries on themannerhehandlesforeignaffairsissues. To many, he is a contrast of the Obama they thought of in 2008.


There has been tension and gridlock in the dealings between the United States President Obama and the Congress since Republicans took control of the house back in 2010. Issues such as weak job growth and immigration have not been dealt with well. In February 2014, the relationship between the Congress and the White House reached a little (Hendrickson, R., 2015). Thiswas after the speaker of the house said that it will be hard for the House to move on the reform of immigration this year. He showed distrust in President Obama in the implementation of a new law of immigration. 2013 became the least productive year for the Congress since the Second World War. It involved impasse between the president and the lawmakers. It partially led to the shutdown of the federal government for about 16 days.

The relationship between the Congress and the White House may get even more polarized. This is if in thisfall’s midterm elections the Senate will be taken by the GOP. It need only a net gain of only six seats. However, experts believe that the relationship can still be solved or even improved.

There have been criticisms of the manner in which the Congress is doing things in Washington. Thisled to the Republicans at one time hold meetings to plan to sabotage the President Obama tenure. The Congress was voted the worst in the history of the US. However, the Congress has shown some efforts in trying to push some bills (McConnell, M., 2015). The legislators are now pushing had to ensure that they achieve their legislative objectives. However, the differences between the Congress and the White House has been a set back on the activities of the Congress and the White House.





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