How Gulliver Indicates he is a Practical Man

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Requirements: 250 words or more 12 point font Double Spaced  Using APA format, provide supporting evidence using details and referencing specific line numbers from the reading selection.  Example:  Lines 118-120 explain how Gulliver feels regarding his treatment (Swift, n.d.). OR Example: Lines 118-120 state, “Besides, I now considered myself as bound by the laws of hospitality to a people who had treated me with so much expense and magnificence ” (Swift, n.d.).   The complete citation for the  bibliography, which is listed  on a separate page after your essay, should be written as follows: References Swift, J. (n.d). Gulliver’s Travels.   ***the url can simply be highlighted and copied from the address bar when on the reading selection page, note how if you copy and paste it in your browser you go directly to the source***   Review the Writing Resource – APA Format module page, located in the  Course Resources module (click “Modules” on the left panel list and it is located above Module 1 ) for additional information regarding in-text citations and complete citations using  APA format.
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How Gulliver Indicates he is a Practical Man
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