Impact of Mobile Apps and Virtual Mental Health

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Key topic: Impact of mobile apps and virtual mental health counseling in minimizing anxiety caused due to COVID symptoms Description of the request:   –          Project Plan with timeline –          Research Paper components / questions to address 1.       Research Problem 2.       Background of the problem 3.       Introduction 4.       Hypothesis Methodology – Bulk of the info around 1500 words in this section -Methods: Discuss if quantitative or qualitative or mixed method design is good for the study and why – provide evidence on why we chose this study a.       Research Design b.       Sample Group selection / sample size – Which age group, gender, and conditions we are selecting and why. Provide evidence to support sample study selection criteria                                                                            i.      Exclusion criteria c.       How do we differentiate if the individual has mild, moderate, severe covid symptoms? And how does mobile apps or online counseling help individuals with mild or moderate covid symptoms   d.       How do these apps or virtual help people – do we have any evidence backed research that states they feel better after therapy to reduce anxiety e.       Which components are crucial in mental health apps, any sample apps that do the same thins f.        Data collection g.       Data analysis h.       What type of questions are presented if we go with questionnaire? i.         How is this study conducted, and how often we need to collect data?   – Conclusion -Discussion -Ethics 5.       Explain which problem we are addressing in this paper? 6.       Provide what is the link between COVID and mental health issue like anxiety? 7.       What type of illness is covid? Respiratory or a combination of respiratory and mental health 8.       How do mental health apps / online counseling services in help to reduce anxiety and why do individuals prefer that? Why do we think reducing anxiety would help reduce covid symptoms – evidence backed research 9.       How can mobile apps / online therapy allow therapists to be in touch with the service users? Does it improve their accessibility and check on service users’ feedback   a.       How is online therapy or mental health mobile apps are better compared to a traditional form of therapy 10.   How do individuals report anxiety – which tool is well established to study anxiety levels in individuals? 11.   How do we collect data related to the intensity of COVID symptoms? 12.   What are the aims of the study? 13.   Expected results? 14.   What is the intervention that you are targeting? 15.   How does the research fill the current gap? 16.   Outline the need of virtual health care during COVID times 17.   Present how virtual healthcare help in faster recovery if the individual has covid symptoms 18.   Review journal articles focused on anxiety reduction using online mental health services and mobile apps 19.   Evaluate the cost efficiency of using virtual services 20.   Provide details on which methodology, methods would be useful in performing this study – Limitations of the study 21.   Give an example of a sample app which is already deployed to help individuals with covid symptoms and reduce anxiety? 22.   Do we need to build this as a single app or can we repurpose the existing apps/share findings on the online mental health therapy counseling resources?   23.     Resources:
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Impact of Mobile Apps and Virtual Mental Health
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