Industry and Market Analysis

11:12univeisiry I :II Paul J. Hill “‘Regina I rI II I School of Businessb) Executive Summary — 1-2 page summary of key parts of plan (see d-i below) c) Table of Contents (must use Word Table of Contents tool — Under References menu) d) Company and Product Description — description in the following section iv e) Industry and Market Analysis — description in the following section iv 0 Marketing Plan — products, pricing structure, place/distribution, and promotion strategies to reach what target market(s) g) Operations Plan — who is management team, what are current and future personnel needs, what are facility requirements (can include layout), launch schedule, etc. h) Financial — income projections (pro forma income statements), start-up costs and sources (cash flow / balance sheets not needed), etc. i) Conclusion — is the business viable and why or why not? j) Appendices including references (in APA style) — note aim for 12 or more references.Concept Paper One member on your team will submit a brief document that outlines the following: • The name and concept for your business – what good(s) and/or service(s) are being sold to whom? • Team members’ names and contact information (grails, mobile numbers — this is for your benefit) • What are each members’ expectations and commitment to producing a quality final term paper? o Each member prepares her/his own paragraph • Work plan — What is to be done? Who is assigned to each part of the paper (don’t forget one person should be responsible to edit the report for grammar, etc.) and the due dates for the work. • A short schedule of dates and times for online group meetings (with above deliverables).iv. Company and Product Description and Industry AnalysitSobmission Your group will submit one Word document limited to three (3) pages, single-spaced typewritten. You may attach an appendix with any detailed analysis. This document will include:a) Company and Product Description — type of company structure and its name, your ownership, skills and knowledge of the owners (you), what is uniqueness of product(s), identification of the customers’ problems the product(s) you will solve, and summary of your target market(s). b) Industry Analysis —NAICS code, industry description and trends (e.g., PEST-G/PESTLE), environmental scan industry life cycle and competitor analysis (e.g., who, what they do well / don’t do well). You will find the industry sector within the NA1CS (North American Industry Classification System) codes: https://www.ic.gc.,app/scr/aop/cis/search-recherche?lang=eng. The codes access government statistics on industries (e.g., average revenues, etc.). Other industry research is useful and industry associations (e.g., Restaurants Canada, TechnationCa — IT sector, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, etc.) can provide information. c) Market Analysis — details on your target market(s) — who are they (key demographics, etc.), where arc they, etc. Statistics Canada info is available on larger Canadian cities, called Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs). See: bttps:// is very important to describe why the information you provided is valuable. Use the information but answer ..So what does this mean?”All information must be cited in APA Style. No title page or formal introduction / conclusion are needed. This document will later be included in your Term Project Paper, with any corrections or changes outlined by the Instructor.Note: You will receive a marked version of your submission from the Instructor. The appropriate changes and additions must be made and added to the final report.Winter 2022 BUS 100 — 001 COURSE OUTLINEPa. University 7(i dRegnaN;”Paul J. Hill School of Business81P a gv. Term Project Paper You will complete at a maximum of 10-12 pages, single-spaced written paper (not including title page, table of contents, any appendices, and references). Extensive research is required for the project. Only one submission per group is allowed. Please make sure to include the names of your group members on each submission and on your file submitted through UR Courses.Every team member is expected to contribute fully and in a meaningful way to the project. A peer evaluation will be submitted by each team member. Teams will use the templates for the meeting agenda and meeting minutes and submit those with the final paper. Issues of poor or non-performance (e.g., missing meetings or missed deadlines) will be recorded in the meeting minutes. You are expected to manage your team’s and individual team member’s performance as a group and address any problems as they arise. However, if the issues cannot be resolved, you should advise your Instructor immediately (don’t wait until when the assignment is due. If the Instructor deems any individual team member’s performance to be unsatisfactory the individual’s project grade may be reduced or all marks for the project moved to the final exam.Please note that sites like Wikipedia, Investopedia, Business Dictionary, Twitter, etc. are .1 considered appropriate references, as they are not verifiable sources. Students citing these types of sources will receive reduced marks. Note: it is not acceptable to use content from any student’s or an assignment website’s content, regardless if you cite the material. There are obviously student assignments on the internet, but they are not acceptable as sources and you should be cautioned, that these assignments are never of a good quality (so don’t waste your money and expose yourself to misconduct). For assignments, multiple citations are better (look for multiple items of information).It is very important to have strong conclusions about why the information you have provided is important.G. Late Assignments and Missed Exams / In-Class Assignments A penalty of 10% is assigned for every day the assignment is late. Note: If an assignment is submitted

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