Inferences and Predictions

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T2.2 Inferences and Predictions Instructions: This task consists of 2 parts.  Part I requires that you write 6 sentences. Observe the picture Hurricane picture of 3 persons running to save their life  What are the details? What is obvious in the text (picture)? Write 2 sentences that explain or describe the picture. What inference can you make? Look at the details. What can be assumed from the picture? Write 2 inferences.  What prediction will you make? 1. Consider the details, inference, and personal experiences. 2. What do you think will happen next? Write 2 sentences.  NOTE: Refer to Module 2. Remember, all sentences must be connected  Write your sentences in the following table: Details Inference Prediction                   Part II requires that you write 1 sentence.  Search online for a billboard that includes a positive message for the people in the picture.   What can you infer or predict about the content of this billboard?  Use what you can infer or predict from the image to write a positive message to the people in the picture. (1 sentence) Use a word processor, like Word, for this task. Include bibliographical references in the writing. Upload the document using the attach file button of the task. Note: Announcements will be posted regularly in the Announcements section. Make sure to visit it constantly to know tasks, due dates, updates, and further instructions.
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Inferences and Predictions
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