Information and Digital Literacy Reflection and Civility

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Description:Congratulations; you have reached Week 8! Getting to the final week of COMM120 is a great achievement and you should be proud. For this week’s forum, please answer Parts I and II but you do not have to answer every single question.Part I: Reflection Reflect on your use of the Big6 Research Model (CO2). What step was the most challenging? How did you overcome the challenge? Using the steps in the Big 6 Research Model, consider your process of locating sources, categorizing, organizing, critiquing, and presenting information for the project. What worked well for you?Part II: Connecting to Career  How will you use information and digital literacy in your place of work and future career (CO1)?  How will you sustain your new knowledge in order to support your career goals? Why is civility important at your place of work and in politics (CO7)?Optional: Finally, create a Tweet of up to 280 characters and a hashtag that communicates your reflection (you do not have to post this on Twitter).
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