Integrated Management in Customer Satisfaction

Integrated Management in Customer Satisfaction2IntroductionWith the increased globalization and internationalization of business enterprises, manypremises have turned back to their customers. A business enterprise is as successful as its loyaltyto deliver services to its customers. Therefore, the relationship between a business and itscustomers is a vital component in business performance (Radyawanto & Soediantono,2022).Businesses exist because of their customers, and consequently, they wouldn’t exist if they had nocustomers. Therefore, customer service is at the core of any business development. Managementis focused on ensuring that they offer quality services to their customers. This act has placedmany businesses on competitive balance, thus causing demand in enterprises to strategies betterways of customer satisfaction.Total Quality ManagementCustomer satisfaction is critical to the success and existence of every business enterprise.Business management personnel strive to ensure they get feedback from their customersconcerning their services. Customers prefer quality products and services from any transaction(Eniola et al., 2019). For instance, construction companies ensure they use quality materials tobuild for their customers. Therefore, total quality management is a tool used by managers toensure consistent quality products and services.Total Innovation Management3Innovation has charted the framework with which businesses grow in the contemporaryworld. Innovation is informed by gaps identified, targeting the customers of the services andproducts offered by a business organization (Pertuz & Pérez, 2021). Companies, including thosein the construction industry, strive to be up to speed with the innovation trends as appropriate.Business management, therefore, strives to keep up with the trends of innovation in everyindustry that best match the needs of their customers.Knowledge ManagementThe details, as well as the success of any business, are built based on knowledge. Inaddition, good customer relationships are built based on knowledge. Good knowledge ofproducts and services a business organization offers them a competitive advantage in the market(Martinset al., 2019). Besides, knowledge management gives a holistic approach to thecustomers’ preferences regarding their relationship with the business organocation. Therefore,knowledge gives a realistic pathway to address the situation objectively.Project ManagementProject management is equally vital and significant in ensuring customers’ satisfaction fora business organization. The project management cycle involves all stakeholders, the customersinclusive; hence, the customers are part of the decision-making process whatsoever. Projectmanagement extensively involves risk management, especially for high-risk developments. Forinstance, construction companies employ these management techniques to ensure they undertakethe minimal risks involved. Involving customers in decision-making builds trust between the4business and the customers (San Cristóbal et al., 2018). Therefore, the business can ensurecustomer satisfaction is always kept at priority, thus the business’s success.Conclusion.As most businesses trend on the path of internalization, globalization, and growth,customer satisfaction remains the most significant indicator of the realization of the anticipation.Therefore, business organizations always strive at all costs to retain their customers by offeringsatisfactory services. The above integration management strategies go along way to ensure thatcustomers receive the best services from their transactors and business organizations,5ReferencesEniola, A. A., Olorunleke, G. K., Akintimehin, O. O., Ojeka, J. D., & Oyetunji, B. (2019). Theimpact of organizational culture on total quality management in SMEs inNigeria. Heliyon, 5(8), e02293.6Martins, V. W. B., Rampasso, I. S., Anholon, R., Quelhas, O. L. G., & Leal Filho, W. (2019).Knowledge management in the context of sustainability: Literature review andopportunities for future research. Journal of cleaner production, 229, 489-500.Pertuz, V., & Pérez, A. (2021). Innovation management practices: review and guidance for futureresearch in SMEs. Management Review Quarterly, 71(1), 177-213.Radyawanto, A. S., & Soediantono, D. (2022). Literature Review of Integrated ManagementSystem (IMAS) and Implementation Suggestion in the Defense Industry. InternationalJournal of Social and Management Studies, 3(3), 39-49.San Cristóbal, J. R., Carral, L., Diaz, E., Fraguela, J. A., & Iglesias, G. (2018). Complexity andproject management: A general overview. Complexity, 2018.

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