Issues in Early Childhood Education

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3/30/2021 Module 6 Introduction: 21WN ECE-1156-D01 Development Through Play 1/1Module 6 IntroductionIssues in Early Childhood EducationIn recent years, attention has been given to the importance of respect for the diversity in the familiesthat are served in our early childhood programs. To set up a successful, supportive diversecurriculum, the educators in an early childhood education environment must analyze allcurriculum aspects to ensure that the dominant culture does not overpower andpredominate. Everyone needs to be represented in a non-stereotypical way. Each person needs tobe viewed as a unique and valued individual with similarities and differences.In this module, you will complete readings and exercises that will allow you to identify and explain theissues that affect the quality and quantity of play experiences for young children. You will participatein a discussion board assignment.Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this module, you should be able to1. Recognize quality experiences2. Identify what can affect the quality/quantity of play3. Recognize the importance of superhero and war play4. Describe the negative effects of the commercialization of play5. Link theory to practice regarding quality and quantity of play experiences6. Make connections to achieve developmentally appropriate experiencesReadingsPlease review the reading list ( . It contains all the reading for this course organized by module. As you progress throughthis course, you will see that the required readings are also located within the content pages. Youshould complete the required readings when they appear within the content.Course Chat 

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