Job Application and Assessment Task

1 | P a g eAssignment 3 – Job Application and Assessment TaskLinkedIn Profile update, Review of your SFIA Assessment and your Video Job Pitch IntroductionBy now you should have refreshed your LinkedIn profile; undertaken your second skills/competenciesevaluation using the mySFIA assessment tool and made some conclusions about how things havechanged since your first evaluation back in Module 1. This last assignment brings these variouselements together and draws on your learning and internship experiences challenging you to use thesetools to deliver your best pitch for the job you really want right now. That pitch will take the form of ashort video. If you have not done all that preparation by now, you need to reset and do it now.In this assignment you will review your LinkedInprofile information, your previous SFIA skillsassessments and update of those by making a videopresentation. You may also want to update yourwritten résumé and other relevant information beforecommencing.In this Assignment 3 activity you will improve yourpresentation and job application skills by focusing ona specific and real job vacancy. You will analyse thejob vacancy requirements using SFIA and then showhow your skills match or approximate those stated injob vacancy advertisement.This assignment is in two parts. In Part 1 you will assess the job vacancy and your fit to it using SFIA. InPart 2 you will produce a short video (60-90 seconds) job application pitch based on your SFIAassessment. Along the way you will receive feedback from both your tutor and your peers on your SFIAassessment and your video application. You will then upload your video to CANVAS.This activity will:• increase your chances of finding the best possible ICT job for your current skill set, and• hopefully match your professional skills development and career plans.2 | P a g eAssessment 3 – Part 1: Your job vacancy assessment TaskAssignment 3, Part 1 is broken down into three separate sections. All three sections are found in theone MS WORD document template. Make sure you have read Topic9 in this Module before attempting to do this assignment. Theadvertisement should have been copied directly and entirely from anopen source such as SEEK.COM,INDEED.COM, or JORA etc. and not be more than three months old.The date and publication source must be specified and clearlyverifiable. Do not screen out or edit any of the details in the jobadvertisement.Your analysis of the job position advertised needs to include SFIAterminology, classifications and descriptors as appropriate, as well assome analysis of the company offering the position vacancy.Section 1- Update LinkedIn SummaryUpdate the ‘Summary’ section of your LinkedIn profile by listing your generic business skills and currentprofessional skills, and the level of responsibility as defined by the SFIA framework. Your claims towardsskills should be supported through description of previous work, life experience or other referencesrelevant to claims.In your LinkedIn profile ‘Summary’ you need to include:• A Listing of all your current SFIA skills and levels• List of ‘Key Words’ that reflect the scope of your job search objectives• A brief introduction that demonstrates your values and important positive personality traits• Make sure you have a ‘Links Table’ that includes any current online résumés in social media(LinkedIn, ResearchGate, etc.), artefacts (publications, blogs, personal websites, etc.) as well asreviews/awards as downloadable files (online training certifications, micro-credentials, etc.).Section 2- Job AdvertisementYou should find a job advertisement you are interested in and which you believe your skill set is suited.The advertisement should be copied directly and entirely from an open source such as SEEK.COM,INDEED.COM, or JORA etc. and not be more than three months old. ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ your selected jobadvertisement in the table below:Section 3- Job AnalysisStudent Instructions: In this SFIA assessment ‘Job analysis tables’ below, you need to show all theartefacts/fields required for your selected job. These need to include the following:• The task is broken out into two tables: (1) Generic Skills (2) Professional Skills• Determine the job advertisement’s SFIA skill level in in Column 13 | P a g e• Identify your self-assessed SFIA skill level in Column 2• Analyse your skills gap in Column 3 (below, meets, or exceeds)• Address the skills gap with a plan to meet the gap or demonstrate how you meet orexceed the skill level in Column 4• Generic Skills are provided for you, however In Table 2’s Column 1 you must include theSFIA four letter skill codes as supported in the job advertisementTable 1. Generic Skills
SFIA Generic Skills
SFIA GenericSkills (at least 5)
JobVacancySFIA Level
My SelfassessedSFIA Level
Your Analysis ofthe Gap: Below,Meets, or Exceeds
How do you plan to meet theskills gap OR give an example ofmeeting/exceeding the skill level?
Business Skills
Note: Do not copy and paste these tables from here or attempt to enter data here. Use the template found at this link: 2. Professional Skills
SFIA Professional Skills
SFIA ProfessionalSkills (at least 5)
JobVacancySFIA Level
My SelfassessedSFIA Level
Your Analysis ofthe Gap: Below,Meets, or Exceeds
How do you plan to meet the skillsgap OR give an example ofmeeting/exceeding the skill level?
Note: Do not copy and paste these tables from here or attempt to enter data here. Use the template found at this link: | P a g eAssignment 3 – Part 2: Your Video ApplicationIn Topic 10, you will have begun preparing an application for the ‘real’ job that you found in your ‘jobsearch’ website (,, JORA, etc.), a newspaper or other legitimate public source. Inthis Part 2 of Assessment 3 you will make a short video (60to 90 seconds) that presents your best case for yourselected job position. You should use those resourcesimmediately available to you (mobile phone camera,camcorder, or laptop camera) to record and edit yourvideo as you feel appropriate. You can add text, graphicsand sound effects if you believe it is appropriate and youhave that capability, but these additions are not requiredelements. This is an opportunity to present your personalstyle and cultural fit with the organisation not a test ofyour video making skills.You must customise this ‘Job Application’ (i.e. your videoscript and style of presentation) to reflect your skills andmost importantly, what you believe are the requirementsand skills attributes relevant to this job you developed inPart 1. That means, you will have to write and then recorda video script that presents your case persuasively and yourunique claims to the position advertised. Remember thevideo is only 60 to 90 seconds long. So, you need to beclear, succinct and appropriate in style and tone. Thatmeans you need to dress appropriately, speak in the appropriate register/tone and record the video inan appropriate location. You will need also to customise your presentation to provide the best evidenceof the claims you are about to make for your chosen ‘applied-for’ job position in your video. That meansyou can include text slides, photos and subtext if relevant. Remember, a ‘native’ video submission inLinkedIn or any other social media platform will appear as a visual of the first frame of your video. So,including a title text or introduction slide creates the best impression. Lastly, this is an opportunity toshowcase your creativity and communication skills, but it does not require a ‘Hollywood’ production.In general, your whole job application video needs to be able to answer the following questions:• Does the job application and how it is presented really enthuse the viewer?• Would you (or anyone you asked) as the viewer consider interviewing you, the presenter?• Was the layout, look and feel of the video appropriately professional?• Did you research the job enough to determine the appropriate style of presentation?• Did you include anything in the script that indicated you did some solid research about theorganisation or the sourcing company advertising the position where the company is notdisclosed?5 | P a g e• Does it showcase your unique skills, qualities and talents effectively and appropriately?• How will we know this is the job you really want?• Is the script all your own original work?Specifically, your video needs to answer the following:• Was the file submitted using the correct naming convention and file format? (i.e. Your NameAssignment 3 – Part 2 Video’)• Did you complete the ‘Discussion Forum’ tasks before submitting the video assignment forassessment?• Was the video within the time length requirement? (i.e. 60-90 Seconds from opening titlesequence)• Was the sound and picture clear?• If text, graphics or pictures are used were they appropriate and purposeful?• Did you begin the video with an appropriate title page or overlay text frame?• Did you introduce yourself in a friendly, approachable and appropriate manner?• Were you dressed and groomed appropriately?• Did you ensure that the backdrop, lighting and set condition was appropriate for the task?• Did you use the appropriate voice register, style and expression for the job position applied for?• Did you address all the key skill requirements of the job and respond appropriately overall?• Did you provide appropriate examples to demonstrate your key skill claims?• Did you start with or employ an appropriate ‘elevator pitch’?• Did you appear enthused by the opportunity?• Were you able to employ SFIA categories and skills classifications and differentiation of levels ina natural and appropriate fashion?• Did you conclude with your contact details?Once completed you should upload your video at the conclusion of Topic 11 as an .AVI, .MP4, .WMV or.MOV file in the Assignments area and name it as ‘Your Name Assignment 3 – Part 2 Video’.NB: You should not submit the final version before completion of both Discussion Forum questions andthe activities in Topic 11. In Topic 11, you are given the opportunity to peer review at least two of thejob applications videos of your fellow students via the discussion forum (as Q2 in the forum).

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