Journal – Summary Chapters 1-6

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This paper must be a summary expression of a new infromation, understanding and perceptions learned in each section, unanswered questions that could be a possibly insight or a solutionn to a topic covered.  Must be in a first person voice. The required book is: Economics: Private and public choice  Author: Gwartney, James. D, Macpherson, David A., Sobel, Russell S., Stroup, Richard L. Publisher: Cengage Learning  Edition: 16 ISBN 9781305506725 GUIDE: First write a brief summary of the contents of a lecture in class, group discussion or reading material. Then reflect upon these activities- record your own thoughts, ideas, responses and reactions to any of the above activities.  Make notes about concepts, questions you have, and any confusion that may arise. Use the journal to explore possible solutions to problems being raised in class or alternative activities to the ones presented in class.  Record new insights and problem-solvingstrategies realized during discussions with fellow students and instructor. The journal reflects your own thoughts and ideas. Be as original and critical (constructive) as you can.   What are you reflecting on? Examples are an issue, fallacy, question, economic theory, definitions, moral/ethic conflicts, real-world application, human-decision-making, theme or topic. What do Inot want from your reflections?It is not passive reporting or unchallenged thoughts! It is not a diary or a journaling exercisebut is an academic reflection on the practical application of Microeconomic themes.    Share your wrestling and deep struggle as you process the reading material and online discussion. For each reflection, selectone or two, but no more than three points of contemplation. State what you are reflecting on, and how is it affecting you, and your sphere of influence.  Bring out the tension or misconceptions between your understanding of the holistic understanding of the economy and its intentional design and your personal and professional experiences.
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Journal – Summary Chapters 1-6
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