LITERATURE REVIEW ON DEBATE : Should we build a monument honoring Robert Moses

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LITERATURE REVIEW ON DEBATE TOPIC This essay is a literature review! Answer the question Should we build a monument honoring Robert Moses? Yes or no, and explain why? Choose at least 3 articles on each side of your debate topic a total of at least 6 articles. Try to use journal articles and books first and newspapers articles of significant length second. The type of article you choose will influence your grade. (6 page minimum) Make sure you cite your sources! Below are questions to address in your literature review that will help you analyze the articles. What material does the article/book cover? What is the author’s thesis and major supporting arguments? How well does the author support the thesis? (The author’s use of evidence and the soundness of the author’s reasoning are relevant here) How is the article/book organized? What is the author’s approach? Who is the author and what are the author’s biases? What are literary qualities? is the article/book well written or does it read like a badly written insurance policy? What did the article/book add to your understanding of the topic? Did you enjoy the article/book? Why or why not?

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