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Social Media – Policy and ProceduresMarketing Policy Page 1 of 4Social MediaPurposeThis policy outlines principles and responsibilities associated with the management of social media atXYZ Pty Ltd (XYZ).This policy has been developed to ensure that all social media activities are done in an accurate, ethicaland moral manner and meeting all governing legislation and regulations.This policy applies to all social media.Policy and ProceduresAll your current responsibilities to the company remain in force.For the sake of clarity: whatever you do online, do not:Bring XYZ intodisreputeCompromise theeffectiveness of thebusiness servicesand productsprovided by XYZDefame individualsor organisationsImply XYZendorsement ofpersonal viewsDisclose, withoutauthorisation,confidentialinformationSocial Media – Policy and ProceduresMarketing Policy Page 2 of 4The web is not anonymous. Assume that everything you write can be traced back to the company, ifnot you personally.1. There is no longer a clear boundary between your personal life and your work life.2. Do not lie or withhold the truth.3. The web contains a permanent record of our mistakes. But do not try to change thingsretrospectively.4. Be honest, straightforward, and respectful, and you will enjoy everything you do on the web.When you engage in social media:• Make sure that your presence in social media is transparent• Protect yourself and XYZ• Use common sense• Avoid sharing intellectual property• Follow our confidentiality policy and data protection policy and observe laws on copyright,trademarks, plagiarism and fair use.Use of the XYZ social media platforms:• Must be approved by the Marketing department• Must not happen without appropriate training• Must follow marketing guidelines• Only authorised personnel has access to the XYZ social media platformsDisciplianry consequences:We’ll monitor all social media postings on our corporate account.We may have to take disciplinary action leading up to and including termination if employees do notfollow this policy’s guidelines. Examples of non-conformity with the employee social media policyinclude but are not limited to:• Disregarding job responsibilities and deadlines to use social media at work.• Disclosing confidential information through personal or corporate accounts.• Directing offensive comments towards other members of the online community.Social Media – Policy and ProceduresMarketing Policy Page 3 of 4If you violate this policy inadvertently, you may receive a reprimand. We expect you to comply afterthat, or stricter disciplinary actions will apply.Legislation and guidelines• Advertising & Selling:ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)• Alcohol:ABAC (Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code)• Alcohol – Distilled Spirits:DSICA (Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia)• Children:AANA Code of Advertising & Marketing Communications to Children• Children:AANA Practice Note• Children:Employing Children in the Entertainment Industry (NSW)• Children:AFGC (Australian Food and Grocery Council) Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative(RCMI)• Children/ Fast Food:Quick Service Restaurant Initiative• eMarketing:ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority)• eMarketing:Internet Industry Spam Code of Practice• Environment:AANA Environmental Claims Code• Ethics:AANA (Australian Association of National Advertisers)• Work Ethics:The Communications Council Code of Ethics at Work• Federal Government:Guidelines for Departments & Agencies• Food & Beverages:AANA Advertising & Marketing Communications Code• GamblingState Regulations• Gender PortrayalCodes/Guidelines• Healthcare/Therapeutic Goods:TGA, ASMI, MA, MTAA Codes• Internet:ACCC Guidelines• Internet:IAB Video Advertising Standard Guidelines• Media Codes:For TV, Radio, Print, outdoor & Cinema• Motor Vehicle:FCAI Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising• Online Behavioral Advertising:Best Practice Guideline for Online Behavioural Advertising• Outdoor:OMA (Outdoot Media Association) Code of Ethics• Price Comparisons:ACCC Price Comparisons Advertising• Pricing (Unit):ACCC Unit Pricing Code• Pricing (Component):ACCC Display Prices• Radio:Commercial Radio Code of Practice AustraliaSocial Media – Policy and ProceduresMarketing Policy Page 4 of 4• Social Media & Online Commentary:Best Practice Guide – Social Media and Online Commentary Codeof Conduct• TV:Commercial Television Industry Codes• Telecommunications:Code of Practice• Telemarketing:ACCC Consumer Guidelines• Tobacco:The Department of Health Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act• SMS:Service Providers Self-Regulation Guidelines

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