Migration, Immigration, and the United States

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Assignment Details Migration, Immigration, and the United States “Unless you’re … Native American, you came from someplace else.” – President Barack Obama (The New York Times, 2013) Migration and immigration are part of the American story. People have migrated or immigrated for different reasons: freedom, sanctuary, or forced against their will. Everyone is connected to a migration story that reflects identity, cultures, and values. These stories make up the American identity. For your Discussion Board post, consider the development of different regions in the United States: North, South, East, and West. Discuss how internal migration (i.e., moving west for opportunity, or moving from south to north for freedom) and immigration (coming to America) affected and shaped these regions. Think about the following for your response: Agriculture Way of life Food Technology Environment Feel free to bring in personal perspectives based on where you live.
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Migration, Immigration, and the United States
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