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I need a powerpoint presentation of 2 to 4 slides on the below topics. on the slides, i need minimal words, just bullet points will do or images that speak on what the topic. I will need a script because i have to do a voice over. 1) How could the whole situation have been handled better? My stance on this is: As a veteran, I respect the flag. As an immigrant and a black woman in America, I love that “we” all have the right to protest peacefully. It was never about disrespecting the flag, it was about getting black people and people of color the same rights white people in this country, not just on paper but to actually put it into action. I don’t see how they could have done it better, what they did spoke volumes on their support to minorities. Other people may feel that it could have been handled a bit differently by adding a veteran on the ad with Kaepernick. 2) Research how the Nike executives or their representatives handled the crisis. My stance on it is: They handled it better than most people would! Most people tend to distance themselves when things go sideways, which is what happened at first, dealing with the president calling them out, customers cutting the logo off their products; but not Nike executives. They did not try to blame some intern or marketing director, they stood their grounds and stood with Kaepernick and black and brown people in this country.
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Nike / Kaepernick
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