number of returns on handbags

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Under the old production system, it took 8 days to complete one tote bag. This is a measure of?
With improvements in troubleshooting, Vuitton has been able to reduce the number of returns on handbags at two of its factories. This reduction in the number of flaws in its products is an example of improvements in?
As a result of insufficient production rates, customers were frequently being put on long waiting lists. By increasing production capacity to meet increased demand, Vuitton was attempting to achieve higher?
The manufacturing process that best describes Vuitton’s old production methods would be?
When Vuitton made an assessment of its manufacturing process, it discovered that items were often left sitting on carts waiting to be moved to the next work station. In response, Vuitton eliminated separate work stations and rearranged its factory floors into U-shaped clusters with adjacent tables. Vuitton’s transition to a more efficient system demonstrates its commitment to quality through?

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