Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology

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Sec.#1 : Antioxidants have a remarkable capacity to reduce physiological oxidative stress resulting from free radical production. Research free radicals, oxidative stress and antioxidant. Discuss a particular antioxidant and describe the mechanism by which it is able to eliminate or reduce reactive oxygen species and comment on why this is important physiologically in the prevention of disease.
Sec.#2 Human blood is kept within the exceedingly narrow pH range of 7.35 to 7.45 in health individuals. Yet, disruptions of this strict physiological balance can and do occur. Research and discuss one of the mechanisms that helps to maintain blood pH, or, describe one of the common situations that disrupts pH balance and explain the typical physiological consequences of that disruption.
Sec.#3 Water, along with the electrolytes dissolved within it, is absolutely essential for a multitude of physiological processes within the human body. Research and discuss a particular fluid or electrolyte imbalance and the resultant physiological effects that the excess or deficit typically brings.
MUST READ CH 7-11 BEFORE WRITING PAPER !!!!!! MUST HAVE ACESSS TO Book: “Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology” Author Marcia Nelms; Kathryn Sucher Publisher: CENGAGE Learning Publication date : January 28, 2019  site and answer #1,2,3 SEPERATELY. Each section must have 180 words
Please make sure responses contributes to Assigned Topic, hasOriginality of Response, has,Advances Knowledge of Topic. Also make references are used.
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