pseudoscience ( conspiracy theory)

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Thinking about science. Essay . Select a pseudoscience (or conspiracy theory) that is popular on the Internet. choose one of the conspiracy theories regarding corona virus, explain why it is pseudoscience based on classification between what is science and not science( refer karl popper, thomas khun), explain the implication of this pseudoscience on the society. Goal of the essay. Explain what the pseudoscience is about. Explain why it is not science.( base this argument on popper) Structure. Title- (original, informative of the essay) Introduction -(Explain what question you will address and how) -Explain the background of the question – Explain why the question is relevant: Body of the text -Show engagement;argue for or against a particular position -Develop your argument step by step.(coherent) -consider possible counter-arguments(important!!) -Briefly explain the main concepts -Two or three subtitles. Conclusion -Explain how your argument results in a particular point of view. -Consider societal,political,economical,ethical,… implications. Reference Use at least 6 reference in general. you must include two of the links below for the reference. General. Write precise, clear and coherent. avoid repetitions, use an anecdote to illustrate your point.Pay attention to the lay-out.

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