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PSYC5603 Assignment – guidance notes 2020-2021PSYC5603 Interventions in long-term conditions (LTC) assignment – Guidance notesThe following guidelines are designed to help you get started on your chronic illness assignment. Thecoursework is designed to assess your ability to identify and synthesise relevant material, criticallyevaluate empirical findings and design an improved intervention to address identified limitations.You will complete one piece of work in which you critically evaluate existing interventions for aspecified condition (identifying strengths and limitations) and formulate an intervention thataddresses highlighted issues, whilst remaining practicable within a healthcare setting. Thisassessment will address the five learning outcomes listed in the module guide through aconsideration of condition-specific issues, a critique of existing interventions and the formulation ofmodifications.These notes are designed to highlight the components that markers will be looking for when theycome to assess your work. Please read them carefully before you begin planning your assignment. Acopy of this guide has been posted on the Blackboard site for this module.The word count guidance for this piece of assessment is 3500-4000 words (not including the title orreferences); it comprises 100% of the module assessment and is must-pass. The deadline forsubmission of this assignment is 12 noon on Friday 12th March 2021. Full details about submissionprocedures are included in the module guide.The title for this assignment is:Evaluate existing self-management interventions for either Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease (COPD) or asthma in adults and formulate an improved intervention. This shouldaddress highlighted strengths and weaknesses, whilst remaining practicable within ahealthcare setting.Once you have decided which condition to look at you will need to choose the focus of yourintervention. For example, you may wish to develop an intervention for patients or forpartners/primary caregivers. To an extent this will be informed by the condition you select and thelimitations you identify.The following sections give pointers to what markers will be looking for and the types of skillsrequired. On the whole, it follows the structure of a “traditional” essay, but you will be expected todemonstrate additional skills in terms of developing an improved intervention.Introduction (approximately 700 words)In the introduction you’ll need to provide information about the condition you have chosen to focuson with regard to symptoms, impact, management, prognosis etc. and outline why a selfmanagement intervention is appropriate for this particular condition.Main body of essayEvaluation (approximately 1000 words) – The first section of the main body should be a descriptionand evaluation of appropriate theories and models, and previous empirical work on interventions,highlighting strengths and weaknesses. It makes sense to review interventions primarily in yourchosen condition although you may also want to highlight relevant work in other areas.PSYC5603 Assignment – guidance notes 2020-2021Intervention development (approximately 1000 words) – We want you to formulate an improvedintervention, specifying who it is aimed at (e.g. the patient), detailing the changes you would make,and providing the evidence to support the modifications you are suggesting. You can use elementsof interventions from other conditions but you will need to make the case for why they areappropriate for your condition.An important point to remember is that your intervention must be practicable within the constraintsof the NHS, so an intervention which requires one-to-one contact one day a week for six monthswould not be acceptable, however effective it has been shown to be!Testing the intervention (approximately 700 words) – You will need to provide suggestions for howthe intervention could be tested; e.g. what would count as a “successful” intervention? Whichoutcome measures would be appropriate?Conclusion (approximately 500 words)In this section you need to summarise the main points in your assignment i.e. your evaluation ofexisting research, how you would develop a new intervention, and how you would test it.

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