React to This Article!Paper details: According to (Links to an external site.), ” if…

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React to This Article!Paper details:According to (Links to an external site.), ” if you say that there is chemistry between two people, you mean that it is obvious they are attracted to each other or like each other very much.” They are: Attractiveness, proximity, reinforcement, similarity and complementarity. In this assignment you will read and react to an article that reported the results of an experiment designed to investigate the interrelationship of two of these factors– similarity and attractiveness.The purpose of this assignment is for you to decide how you feel about the results of these studies.Read the article titled “The Effects of Physical Attractiveness and Political Affiliation on Facebook Friend Acceptance” by Koller et al, published in 2018.Write a 500-600 word reaction essay in APA paragraph format that answers the following questions:Did you find this article relateable? Why or Why not?What did the researchers hypothesize would happen in the experiment?Describe the actual results of the experiment for both the attractiveness factor and the similarity factor.To Complete the Assignment:For examples of APA style papers and Reference pages, click on the Library link inside the Student Resources icon to the left of this page.When you get to the Library Home Page, click the Citation Guides link on the left side of that page.Look for APA format.You will also have to add a citation from one scholarly article to your essay.Follow the rubric at the bottom of the page for additional guidelines.Add an APA References list that includes the article above and one outside article.Submit two files: One for the essay and one for the References list.

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