Recipes in Black and White

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Rhetorical Response to “Recipes in Black and White” First, read the article “Recipes in Black and White”, about the connection between a church cookbook and historical racial violence in Wilmington, NC. (text link: Then, identify one specific sentence in Graff’s article which you would the most important in the article – not necessarily the thesis, but one that you argue encapsulates the essence of the article. Write a short response (250-350 words) explaining why the sentence you selected is the most rhetorically important sentence in the article, using at least two other specific parts of the article to support your assertion. As with all assignments for this course, standard formal written English is expected, and your submission should be formatted according to MLA guidelines. (The bibliographic information for the source is available below. You can also read the PDF of the journal issue at, which allows you to reference the specific page number on which quotes appear.) This assignment should take approximately 50 minutes to complete. Submit your work as a Word document or PDF only to the assignment link on the Other Assignments page by the end of the day (11:59pm) on Friday, August 28, 2020 to receive full credit. Work Cited Graff, Michael. “Recipes in Black and White.” Gravy 73 (Fall 2019): 28-39.
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Recipes in Black and White
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