Reflect on all that you have learned throughout your teacher preparation program. Explain what areas do you feel most prepared?

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Question :
Upon completion of the questionnaire, reflect on all that you have learned throughout your teacher preparation program.  In what areas do you feel most prepared?  In what areas do you feel least prepared?
What are some key takeaways you would like to share with your classmates?
Roslyn CI feel that I am the most prepared in writing the lesson plan. They were lengthy, detailed, and made you have to research within yourself to find way to deliver the lesson where the Student could comprehend your lesson. and the material covered.  Creativity to prepare a lesson so that any student no matter his difficulties. All should be given the opportunity to learn. This Professional Disposition, I truly agree with the statement.I do not feel “least prepared”. It was so much material covered that I feel I am over and above.Key takeaways was writing. I have never written so much. It felt as though I was being trained to become an author. I was learned early you must five “further detail explanation”. I write, and write, and write.I wish I could have partnered with at least two other classmates to study, encourage, and share ideas. Online is good but, you feel isolated many times if you run into a jam or have a question.The class that gave me difficulty was the constitution class. The Professor would not believe what was in the CPS Student handbook. Most Teachers complain there is very little consequences when a student commits inappropriate behaviors in school.
Teresa T
Feel Most PreparedThe one thing that I know I do well is building strong and positive relationships with my students. I am able to show my students my desire, compassion, and commitment to their educational journey. I am comfortable with upholding the ethical guidelines for my practice and being a good role model to my colleagues and students.Feel Least PreparedI feel the least prepared in writing an IEP. My school district uses a program called Embrace that is user friendly and easy to navigate, so I know that this program will give me the confidence I need. I think that all the guidelines, deadlines, and legalities have me a little worried that I will do something wrong or not meet a deadline.Key TakeawaysI am confident that my student teaching experience has given me the courage to think outside of the box and try new and innovative things for my students. My mentor teacher was dynamic and gave me constructive feedback to improve my skills. I will use self-reflection to guide my instructional strategies and classroom management. Overall, I am glad that I embraced every opportunity to teach so I can improve my skills and methods.
Kevin HHi Professor and Class!Wow! We have finally made it to the end! I wish everyone the best on your teaching journey! I think the areas that I feel the most prepared are connecting with the students and ensuring that they have the opportunity to learn and be successful everyday. Collaboration, I am prepared to work and learn from other teachers and staff who will be part of the process. I would say the area that I want more practice and learn more about is working and writing up IEP’s because during this course, we only had a certain amount of time to IEP’s and how that process works. The more practice I have doing them and running meetings, the better I will get. During my student teaching, I have been in meetings and also ran on my own and thought it went very well in talking to other teachers and parents about how their student is doing and what goals are laid out for them. But I think getting more practice and doing them more will help me progress in figuring it out with goals and identifying the proper services for students. Some takeaways I would say is just being able to learn from my mentor teacher every day and knowing that things may not go the way you want them to at times and just being flexible and open is the best way to handle. It’s all about your students and ensuring that they are learning every day. Being supportive and letting them know that you are here for them! I am excited and looking forward to having my own classroom and students to work with and I wish everyone the same on your teaching journey!
Reflect on all that you have learned throughout your teacher preparation program. Explain what areas do you feel most prepared?

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