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(I am doing milestone one)  In Task 2-2, you will submit a 1-2 page Research Proposal that identifies the topic and includes the following information. The topic should include introduction and background information. It will be important to explain the problem that you identified and how it came to your attention and the perspective that served as a background for the issue or strategy that is your focus. After identifying the question(s) you intend to answer, you will begin to collect and analyze the data. You will need to explain your research methodology (i.e., typology, supporting data collection methods, and analysis plan). Describe the types of data you intend to collect. If applicable, identify any documents that you intend to develop as you collect the data. Predict any challenges you think you might face in collecting your data. It will be important to address the following questions: How will you analyze the data you collected? What were the challenges you think you might face in analyzing the data? Is the broad enough to allow for a range of insights and findings; and conversely Is it narrow enough to be manageable within your time frame and your daily work? Why do you want to research this specific topic/problem?
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Research Proposals
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