Scandals that Occurred that has Impacted the Public Perception of Accounting

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he specifics are to compose a paper that is 5-7 ppages. Cover Page, Intoduction, body, conclusion, and a ref page. My topic is to write about 2 major scandals that occurred that has impacted the public perception of accounting. I am to have 5 references listed as well.· More specifically on the instructions given, I need 5-8 sentences, including a thesis statement in the introduction, 5 supporting APA references in the body, 5-8 sentences in the conclusion, and a reference page. Is this possible in achieving by tomorrow morning? If so, what is the next step taken? I have copied and pasted the intructions from my teacher. I understand that it will be 5 pages though. students will find five (5) sources and compose a paper that describes how accounting scandals have impacted the public perceptions of accounting. Your paper must be double spaced and written in APA format. The guidelines include: Five (5) to seven (7) pages in length Typed, double spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman Cover page (Including Title, Student Name, Class Name, Instructor Name, Date) Introduction (At least 5-8 sentences, including a thesis statement) Body (Supported by 5 APA references) Conclusion (Including 5-8 sentences) Reference Page (Include all 5 references in alphabetical order, double spaced)
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Scandals that Occurred that has Impacted the Public Perception of Accounting
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