Self-Esteem And Individual Responsibility

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After reading Chapter 3 and 4, please respond critically to the  questions provided. Review the section on pages 55 to 56 titled, “Self-Esteem.” Review the section on pages 73 to 76 of your text that begins with the heading, “Self-Concept, Perception, and Technology.”  How much time do you spend on social media each day? What effect do you feel social networking has on a person’s self esteem? For example, “Does it make the user feel better or worse? Why?” (list one or two specific networks in your entry) Do we portray ourselves the same way online as we do in “real time?” or do we try to portray something else? Give at least one example. There is a statement on page 56 in our text that says, “Self-esteem is more then just feeling good about yourself. It’s about being socially and individually responsible.” Recommend some ways to act responsibly on social media (outside source is required in the answer to this question).  The initial post must be 500 words for full credit, and each reply must be 150 words and include a question for the discussion post author. You must incorporate two textbook concepts in the initial post, using APA formatted in-text citations. You must cite at least one outside scholarly source–ebook, journal article, film, etc. and cite in APA format.
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Self-Esteem And Individual Responsibility
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