Self-Reflection Paper

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Write a 4-5 page paper examining your past, present, and future work in groups. You can use any group(s) you wish for your analysis – you may even wish to use more than one. Please do not disclose any personal information such as names of groups or people. You should however, include details related to the type of group, size, purpose, function, etc.   A strong paper will include full discussions of the concepts below and incorporate terms/concepts from the course. Look at this as a cumulative paper, demonstrating your overall understanding of groups/teams and how to make groups/teams function more effectively. You need to discuss: Group(s) information (see above) How you interact/interacted in the group(s) – individual role in group(s) How conflict is approached in your group(s) Discussion of the group(s) culture and how that impacts the group(s) Discussion of decision-making within the group(s) What techniques or strategies would be most beneficial to your group(s) and why Provide a general introduction and conclusion to your paper. A minimum of 3 academic quality sources (both in-text citations and on reference page in APA academic formatting) Grade Breakdown Graded Aspect Possible Points Earned Points Introduction & Conclusion 2   Explanation of chosen group & role in group 5   Discussion of conflict approach & resolution 5   Discussion of group culture 5   Discussion of group decision-making 5   Techniques/Strategies Discussion 5   Connection to Course Concepts 5   Paper Length, Appropriate Grammar, References 3   TOTAL 35
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Self-Reflection Paper
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